Monday, April 15


you don't think we'll eat pasta and homemade sauce and broccoli rabe
and non-dairy ice ream and italian ice in our sweats?
well, you're wrong about all of that, neighbors.
she'll be unhappy that i'm snappin' shots like this,
but breezy and i had a mid-april pre-baby lazy sunday nighttime kitchen party.
you don't even know about yellow-light food photos, but you're gonna learn:

i got that ziti, boi!
and for the record, my man natron was right,
one heaped cup of uncooked noodles would've been plenty.
i did double that.
MORE pasta has gotta be MORE awesome, no?
i'm not exactly sure that's a thing.
the broccoli rabe was blanched for two and a half minutes, to remove the turbo-bitterness.
the pasta was boiled up al dente,
and the lady's was gluten free spaghetti, prepared the same.
the sauce?
man, that stuff was heroic!
it was almost spookily meaty, for being 100% vegan hottness.
in a 1 quart saucepot, with 1 T olive oil, on high heat, saute:
1/2 cup finely minced sweet onion;
2 huge cloves of crushed garlic;
black pepper;
pink salt.
get the garlic browned, and the onions translucent, then add:
1 tsp ea.oregano, basil, sage, thyme, dried parsley, GPOP, sugar;
1 T ea. nootch, fire-roasted tomato flakes;
1/4 tsp ea. crushed rosemary, crushed red pepper flakes.
stir that around to toast the stuff up a bit,
then add:
2 tsp balsamic vinegar;
1 T tamari;
1 28 oz. can crushed tomatoes;
1/2 cup water.
bring it a hard bubblin' boil,
then drop it like it's hot, and simmer it while you boil the pasta water
and keep it going at a low slow bubb' as you cook that semolina business up.
good sauce is where the real delights of this world reside.
weak sauce is NOT invited.
dressing up like a jawa from star wars is ok with me.

NObody likes candid photos, but i don't even care-
this little bitty lady probably would prefer i didn't capture our kitchen moments,
but i love 'em the most and i'm not sorry about it.
that's the thing, man-
we've got electricity in our skin and it's arcing like lightning when we touch and stuff.
wearin' jammies and eatin' pasta and doing regular stuff is definitely always invited.
in fact,
that's my favorite stuff.
i'm easy to please, but had to handle?
is that a thing?
is it even true?
i dunno.
but i'm grateful for the time we span and how we share it.
i don't need or want a super big deal explosion of entertainment and spectacle.
i want and need that interconnected spirit and memory.
that's what's up;
never quiet, never soft.....

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