Saturday, April 13


exxxtra pastry dough?
i have no idea when i made it,
or what recipe i used,
or why i didn't use it all up the first time,
but i had enough to make one hell of a crusty rustic galette.
so i did.
i had half a cup of frozen raspberries;
a quarter of a cup of mini chocolate chips;
a splash of vanilla;
3 T powdered sugar;
a handful of bloobs;
and 2 tsp non-GMO organic cornstarch,
all tossed together in a bowl, and tossed some more after that with the aim
of coating everything in itself-
the oven was already running at 450℉,
so after i rolled out a one-foot circle of pastry, and dumped the berry blend in the center,
and crimped up the edges,
and then froze it for fifteen minutes?
i baked it until it was crissssssspy.
i like it when the pastry is flaky and buttery and snaps off when you bite into it.
check it:

well, yeah.
then i hit it with a little MORE powdered sugary sprankle magic.
what do you think i am?
no way.
too much is the right amount!
and sexxxy sugar dust takes the whole thing to eleven.
what kind of pastry dough do i normally make?
this kind.
is that what this is?
i know it's delicious, but that's mostly all i know about it.
mystery pastry? sure.
berries and chocolate? definitely.
using it up and wearing it out and making do?
doing without? NO.
that's not invited.
i want ALL the treats, all the eats, all the art, all the magic, all the alchemy of activating
some dubiously-nutritious majectic radical vegan edible hottness all the time.
anything else is just food,
and that's not good enough;
never quiet, never soft.....

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