Friday, April 12


this is it.
the last one.
....for now.
i'm out of circles to paint on,
so the next thing is probably gonna be back to working with corners an' that.
meantime, though, before i have somethin' to show you about that?

i like it.
thirty circles of the saaaaame thing, but different.
the triceratops project had better feel good to get into,
because this skull monomania was F*ing expert.
everybody is having babies.
but my baby isn't here yet.
she's gotta be here soon....maybe today?
it seems like she's in NO hurry to arrive.
y'know what worries me about that?
i really like an aries human being,
but i have had acres of friction with a taurus, bro.
i don't even believe in that sh!t,
but maybe with a little bit of overlapping coincidental occurrence,
i see some archetypal similarities.
star-sky predictions don't mean anything....
or maybe it does, tho.
that's such a capricorn way to look at it.
but in real life-
this baby might be here ANY minute.
that's very exciting.
we're doing our best to be better than ever,
so that this baby shows up to a whole group of happy hearts and hands.
that's a lot to manage, with a million kids and a hundred miles
and obligations and appointments across the universe, or at least new hampshire.
it's ALL really happening,
and one of these days, there's gonna be another 'nother sweet little lady baby
here to be part of it;
never quiet, never soft.....

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