Thursday, April 25


she's here.
the most eagerly-anticipated collaboration of the year.
our beautiful bouncing bundle of baby joy:

ok, ok, maybe not bouncing yet, but twice as beautiful, for sure.
allow me to introduce little miss Lilli Amora Hilton.
born april 23rd, 2019, at 7:02 pm
weighing in at 7lbs 9.2 oz.
measuring 21"
she's alert.
she's eating, a LOT.
all of her parts are there, and all of them work,
and she's just the snuggliest lil bitty biscuit, to boot.
she does all the things that babies do-
which is to say: not a whole lot.
her mom is a F*ing miracle, and that's no joke.
holy sh!t.
breezy was about as impressive and as strong and as powerful as a superhero.
no pain meds.
no compromises.
no surrender.
she handled her business like an absolute badass bosslady,
and it was all i could do to bear witness without crying my whole eyes out.
....which, if the true story is being told, i SO cried them right off my face.
she LAUNCHED this little girl out in one and a half pushes.
no joke.
from transition to squalling squealing stormy baby cries was almost instantaneous.
like, the doctors were barely ready.
one yell, one squeeze, one baby, just like that.
...and if there's one thing i respect, it's efficiency.
what a woman.
i know i'm biased, but she really is tough as nails,
and she looked GOOD the whole time.
this little brown haired bambino bears a striking resemblance to both her biggest sisters.
that's harvest and embry, for those who know how that works.
it's wild to see a kid who looks SO much like her siblings.
and anyway, all breezy's babes are the most-related lookin' group you ever did see.
it's practically a cookie-cuttin' diecast mold in the there, fro cryin' out loud.
i cut the cord, i held her and swaddled her,
i whispered the first true stories in her ear she'll ever hear.
my heart is bursting.
my eyes are verrrry wet.
my feelings are getting felt,
and it's ALL really happening.
overlaps and interlocking intersections of spirit and memory are all converging around
this wonderful woman and child.
lilli amora.
pure love.
and that's the truth;
never quiet, never soft.....

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