Sunday, April 28


friday was national pretzel day.
yeah, that's a thing.
and i was ready for it:

i mean, those're good lookin'.
and pretty pretzel piles are kind of expert at any given moment
let alone on their own special day
pretzels quickly became one of my favorite things to make.
and while they all pretty much come out the same way from the pretzel process,
i was especially excited about these because there were even MORE than usual.
i dunno how it works- all these same-sized swizzly-twists
multiplying their numbers with each batch,
but i'm glad for it, since i wanna eat one hundred percent of these carbs.
and those sea salt sprankles?
that's how you do it right.
i think i'm onto something here with these wheat and oat bran bad bois.
i toasted up some dill and caraway seeds, and i minced up some green onion, too.
and i activated them with vegan butter and vegan creamchee' for dippin'.
seeds and leaves and fatty boombattie spreads?
anything else is just plain lazy,
and that's not cool at all.
the recipe for pretzels is HERE.
easy easy.
it's not fast....nope.
it's also kind of messy- but it ain't hard, at least.
that's positive.
and speaking of positive-
keeping these eyes lookin' forward is a priority.
i've got heaps of bill-payin' tattoos lined up for the next few weeks.
april had a few super-high points,
culminating in that daughterly zenith last tuesday...
but in practical terms, it kicked my A* off my body.
it was a had one, and it evaporated months of work in moments.
the schedule was wild, waiting for lilli, who took her sweeeeeeet time, i might add.
and the day-to-day-to-month-to-seasonal expenses
all sort of showed up at once- a full quarter's dues payable all at the same time,
and the short-time supply chain short-circuited, too.
too much is supposed to be the right amount.
but, not when it's debited instead of credited, man.
so, i've got to work way more at AMPERSAND TATTOO
to attempt to recoup some of those large losses;
and at home, i've got SOOOO much work to do to make sure that this
Folk Life & Liberty Fortress isn't such a hard-style haunted house;
and above all that, i've got to be a real person; a calm person; a regularish person,
for all the girls and one little boy who all give a sh!t about me
and need me to do the same for them.
so, it's eyes forward to the future, and even though i can't barely keep 'em open.
(btw, constant thinking about everything all at once is tiring af)
i need to do something.
and something has to be done;
never quiet, never soft.....

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