Monday, April 1


you KNOW i said it.
right out of my mouth, first thing, with opened eyes,
and a groggy foggy head-
but still with enough presence of mind to be sure i said the words that
cultivate coincidences in the most favorable and fortunate circumstance.
i do that.
i coughed 'em out into the aether:
rabbit! rabbit!
it's the first thing you'd better be sayin', bruh.
especially if you give an eff about summoning up spirit and memory.
rules is rules.
how'd i say adios to march?
i went to a F*ing mall, y'all.
no, for real-i did.
and that's not all.
i also built a bear!
they have a whole place where they let you pay way more
than ANY other teddy-style bear has ever cost
for a stuffed bear that looks kind of cool and says words, sorta,
from a bobotronic noisifier in it's hand.
(that's extra, obvi)
it was fun to see little kids totally run the whole gambit of excitement.
the oldest wanted EVERYthing.
the middle button wanted the simplest but mossssssst boyish thing.
and the birthday babe wanted the coolest one.
which is precisely the interactive action we all anticipated.
but i made one too,
and it's s'kyooot.
it's a bunny in a bunny suit wearing bunny slippers:

that's a preemptive rabbit rabbit rabbit rabbit...
i love that.
and when a whole bunch of kids and whole bunch of grown-A* adults
are hanging out in a build-a-bear?
that's always a great time.
believe it- we only want luxury stuffed animals in these parts.
cake and pizza and birthday times driving around in a birthday van,
having birthday fun?
yes please.
it's officially april.
that's a big deal.
like, today is the day.
the first one, the big one, the premier of a whole new page on the calendar.
i'm excited.
this is a big one.
there's a whole lotta new things on the horizon.
if you aren't ready, you'd better get ready.
i mean, it's here.
so, let's cross our fingers and toes and hearts and our t's,
and dot our i's and our eyes and our ice?
i think i got off track there for a second🌈
that's alright, it's april, and that's good stuff;
never quiet,  never soft.....

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