Thursday, June 15


day off morningtime breakfast barbarianism?
that is what i do.
when it's high time to hunker down and handle a hankering for the hottness,
i hop to the heart of it, and heavy-handedly help myself to heroically heaping helpings.
that's for realsies, kids.
wednesdays are for making it the nicey-nice.
most days,
my Tea'N'Toast scene is ample to the demands of the morning,
when i have the time to invest in epic edible excellence in the a.m.?
you'd best believe i'm gonna turn the supercharged appetite-activators to eleven,
and really make myself something expert.
uh-huh. i said- that's what i DO.
and what i do, specifically, is make the big B.
c'mon, now, you know you like a big ol' B.
what was poppin' yesterday?
oh, y'know-
just a triple stack of french toast.
dudes, i like french toast,
especially when it's utilizing the last lengths of a loaf of homemade sourdough.
i'm not wasting even one slice, y'feel me?
and not for nothin',. but sourdough french toast is awesome.
that's fancier than regular-A* french toast, and that's good for you.
rules is rules-
and there was plenty of room, and plenty of time to add even MORE to it.
(which is exxxactly what happened)
check the big-B-type teleport:

so, before i did anything else, i cubed up two red potatoes,
put 'em in a pan and drizzled some olive oil on 'em.
a pinmch of pink salt, a few cracks of black peps,
and just to stay true to my style- i dashed a little GPOP on there, too.
i put the whole tray in the oven, which was preheating to 400℉,
and once it finally reached temperature,
they were almost all-the-way golden already.
i fried them up the rest of the way with some red onion-
there's no right answer to how much onion to use!
i like a lot of oniony caramelization,
but then, i like it when there's a LOT of most things.
another shake of GPOP, a heavy dusting of smoked paprika,
and plenty of plant-based butter.
that's a thing that makes a difference.
a pat of butts can really crisp those bad boys up exxxtra.
and just to let 'em know this sh!t is not a joke,
there's green onion sprankles on top, for even more flavor throughout.
skin-on homeboyfries are SO dope,
and anyone who claims otherwise is probably an A*-hole.
lemme just comment quickly on that canadian-style pink bacon stuff.
it's weird.
it's NOT whole, nor is it holistic...
but, neighbors, when it gets that crispy crisp to it, i'm psyched.
so, i used the last of the package,
and i overcame any indirect box-mix guilt,
and i let myself indulge a bit.
shoutouts to eating dumb stuff every so often!
i think the straight-up avocado helped assuage my conscience.
it goes great with everything!
i had it, i sliced it, and i greedily devoured it.
that's my favorite part about the big B!
i'm home alone, and i can be as big a shark-glutton as i'd like to,
to the extent that i can physically fit food in my body.
too much is the right amount,
and i take that sort of decree literally.
what do you know 'bout scrambo?!
scrambo, bro.
a.k.a. eggs are F*ing gross.
1/2 block exxxtra-firm tofu, crushed in my fist, and dropped into a hot pan,
with a tablespoon or two of oil.
1 tsp each Garlic Powder and Onion Powder, a tablespoon of nutritional yeast,
a heavy shake of turmeric, a smaller one of smoked paprika,
black pepper, pink salt, and right at the end, a tablespoon of hempseed hearts.
yeah, i did add more kickassery to the mix.
fried red and gold sweet baby tomatoes are sort of my thing these days,
so, they were invited, and since i was beatin' up that avocado too,
i freaked it off with some cilantro, as well, to keep it 💥💥💥!
all that great stuff just brings us right up to the real hero of the plate.
that's riiight.
the mutha-effin' french-style toast.
that's more like it.
sourdough with spelt is righteous, man.
and when it's got coconut all over the place,
AND bananas?
well, it's coconuts and totally bananas.
oh, c'mon.
here's the way it happened:
in a small bowl, stir up:
1 cup coconut milk (the drinking kind, not the canned kind, although that'd work)
1/2 tsp cinnamon;
1/4 tsp nutmeg;
2 tsp ground flax/chia-meal;
1 1/2 tsp nootch;
2 T finely ground unsweetened coconut;
pinch of salt;
2 T agave...
whisk it, rest it, and let those seeds get it thick.
dredge your toast slices, and really, you don;t want them less than 1/2' wide,
or they'll get soggy and sh!tty and likely fall apart in the pan....
give 'em 30 seconds per side, and fry them on medium-high heat,
with coconut oil for added coconut flavor, in a big ol' skillet.
that's the ticket to ride on the flavorboat to toast island.
how do i know it's an island?
because it's floating in a sea of real new hampshire maple syrup, son!!!!
give 'em enough time to brown on both sides,
and be gentle,
so the skin that forms from the batter doesn't stick and make your toast ugly.
i added MORE coconut sprankles,
and then made it even BETTER with that very ripe banana.
if you aren't into breakfast, that's cool, i guess,
but i do say, on the record:
you're reallllllly missing out if you aren't giving the big B a shot at the title.
i cooked and baked and walked and rode and drove and ran all damned day,
but it still felt as though i'd taken it easy.
i mean, i wasn't raking or mowing,
iwasn't organizing or arranging,
i wasn't even drawing and planning.
i just existed in the moment, for each and very moment,
and by the time i went to bed,
it was already this morning.
i guess taking it easy takes forever.
i know it's a commodity that will soon be in short supply,
as the summer hits it's stride,
and the busy-ness of business bears down with some considerable strength.
i am grateful for the time i have been given.
and i think i did justice by the day's doings.
easy is a relative term, and i have to admit,
while my version is pretty active for being restful,
i didn't hate it;
never quiet, never soft.....

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