Saturday, June 24


summertime stone fruit fresh-to-deathly hallowed hottness?!
heck yes!!!
why are tarts so good?
i mean, pastry is dope,
and fruit is dope,
and sugar is obviously super-dope,
but how do all those things get SO much MORE expert
whenever they form up a supergroup in my oven?!?
i'm sayin',
a good galette will get you in the right mood right quick.
...wordimus prime.
i'm a fan.
and i'm pretty psyched on the pastry situation here at the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress.
that's real.
the recipe is fairly dialed in,
and the results are consistently ultra-elite,
i think this summer,
whenever i can, which happens to actually be all the time,
like, whenever i want, in real life in real time with real talk-
there's gonna have to be pastry tarts and galettes and pies.
decreed, dudes.
summer pies are now officially on the agenda.
eff yeah they are!
here's what i rocked out on most recently:

you like it, and if you remember dj kool,
you're psyched right now.
but, back to this treat action right here-'
peaches, vanilla bean, raw sugar, pastry, and love.
that's all it takes to rock the party.
and it rocked from the first to the last, in rapid succession.
i'll ask again:
why are tarts SOOOOO good?
...i ate half in one sitting.
i did.
and i'd have eaten the other half, too, no probsies,
except that i'm considerate, and wanted my friends to have a bite.
awwwww. i'm secretly nice, neighbors.
that's two big fat juicy peaches, skins on, tossed with a scoop of dried vanilla bean,
and a few tablespoons of raw sugar,
with lemon zest to activate it,
and the leftover peach juice spread on the crust, to get it exxxtra golden and good.
straightforward treats? is that a thing?
i guess it must be, because this jaun was the TRUTH.
no joke.
i may have to make a whole other 'nother one, just because i want more.
and this time,
i'm not sharing.
too much is the right amount,
and that means it's mine all mine all mine.
here's that pastry recipe, again again again,
for those of you who love a great crust,
but hate scrolling through old posts:
in your trusty food processor, combine:
1 stick + 3 T (11 T) earth balance buttery spread;
3-4 T vegan creamchee';
pinch of salt;
3-4 T raw sugar;
1 1/2 tsp vanilla;
2 1/4 cups flour;
non-dairy milk, added in between pulses of that motorized magic blade,
a tablespoon at a a time,
until the crumbly mixture holds together when pinched.
i write this one a lot.
wrap it, chill it, roll it, fill it, bake it at at least 400, for at least 20 minutes,
and thank the universe that you have the means,
and the opportunity,
to activate such heavenly hottness from the comfort of your own home.
it's wet, and it's humid, and the air weighs a ton.
there are bugs swarming in exsanguinating feeding frenzies,
and there's fog and sh!t, too-
basically, for all it's the unpredictable northerly woodsly goodness,
it's pretty damned jungle nasty right now.
i'll be out in my raincoat,
sweating my whole effing face right off,
swatting swaths of 'squitoes away,
while crabtree undoubtedly takes his time on our mountain jaunt this morning.
after that?
it's a dirty dudefest at the studio,
and i'll be wading through the dudelike doo-doo butter
of a whole big bog-bloke batch of basic b!tch bro-ism.
lucky lucky.
it could be so much worse, of course.
there could be NO work.
i suspect, however, that there is a better way,
and all it would take is a little invested time and energy in promoting
all the actual cool stuff that exists out there in the world.
most of these nancypantsed puke-holes would still want those generic jerk jauns,
but maybe,
a small percentage of them would get woke, and in turn TILTY AF?
we'll have to test that out.
starting today.
all i see are problems,
but when i look closer/
there's almost always a solution lurking just below the surface.
it's ALL really happening,
and i think i'm obligated to see it through;
never quiet, never soft.....

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