Monday, June 26


red berries!
that's summery as heck!
although each and every morning, and evening's weather
has been far more reminiscent of a Perfect Fall Day,
i'm not complaining, because there's still that longer, better light,
and a whole lot more berries.
....that's all good news.
i have exxxtra pastry dough alllll the time.
because i make more than i need because i know the rules, man.
too much is the right amount.
and therefore, if i ever need an emergency tart,
i'm right there, in full effect,
ready to rock some socks off like a bakery barbarian berserker battle beast.
that's a thing.
and yesterday, in the a.m., especially for my buddy/co-worker nate,
i fired up the engines, the oven, and the ingenuity,
and brought out a black-bottomed berry tart for breakfast.
word up.
check the teleport:

the crust is the usual, and it's amazing, as usual.
i'm very lucky to be so obsessive,
because the compulsion pushes me to be productive.
that's two cups of fresh sliced strawberries, a handful of frozen raspberries,
and raw sugar, tossed together with vanilla and lemon zest,
in unmeasured quantities, visible but not commanding in their presence.
underneath and on top, there's melty, soft chocolate ganache!!
chocolate chips, soymilk, and vanilla, melted up, and spread out.
how freakin' simple does it get?
baked at 405℉ for 25 minutes,
cooled while we walked crabtree through the mosquito-infested
wet mess that is the woodsly goodness,
and then powdered sugar sprankles were administered as well.
eat beautiful food, and be beautiful by ingestion.
that's real.
i got a haircut yesterday.
what. a. bummer.
       dear my hair,

              i am so very disappointed in all of you.
              i though you were my friends,
              those of you who stayed after most of your brethren abandoned their posts
              have truly been misbehaving.
              i thought gentrification made places more elite,
              but all you've managed to do is make it way more white up there.
              not cool, dudes.
              not one bit.

                                                                  albeit with deep concern,
it looks neater, but it's always easier to tidy up less of something.
my clients brought me vegan pizza,
and the conversation was cogent and organic.
i saw folks i hadn't in some time,
and i saw others i'll likely see again sooner than later.
i know a lot of people.
...i'm NOT bragging.
that flash of awareness only made me more cognizant of how little they interact
and overlap with the daily doings of hermit-style warrior poetry.
i s'pose that's the cost of being busy-
you see a lot of people a little bit,
and you span a lot of time alone, logistically, literally, etc etc.
it's ALL really happening, and the spheres of influence
which we reside within rarely bump into each other-
i think that just might make the time we have been given a whole lot more special;
never quiet, never soft.....

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