Tuesday, June 27


sometimes, you're so busy, you feel like the day is flying by,
and before you know what happened it's late,
and it's lame,
and it's dark.....
and some other times,
you do all your work,
you make all your moves,
you leave work thirty minutes early,
and then you whip a whole bunch of tacos.
personally, i like those second times.
mexican monday!!!
i eff with tacos pretty heavily, as you know;
and i only represent on those soft jauns, because hard-shells are bullsh!t.
heavily effed with soft tacos are the winner,
when it's time to rock out on some dinnertime dopeness while the evening is just beginning.
i can't resist, i won't resist, overindulging in that foldoverflappity hottness.
no way.
i need, i want, baby, baby, baby, i gots to have 'em.
....and so i did.
check the teleport:

how is it that a bunch of vegetables can be so F*ing delicious??
oh, right-
because vegetables are delicious.
i love refried beans.
i do.
those mashed pintos, with a big ol' pat of earth balance,
to saute onions and poblano in first,
plus a whole mess of GPOP and nootch,
and a healthy hot-fire squirt of ho'sauce (texas pete is the bro)
they have that smooth, they have that chunk, they have that heat, they have that hottness.
i love 'em.
and i also love guacamole.
that's no joke.
however, i have to say, my grocer's distributor has been sourcing
the sh!ttiest avocados i've eaten in an age by far.
they're big, which is nice, but they suck butts, which is not.
the guac triumphed, but it was a fight to the finish for sure.
what do you dudes put in your guac-rockin' beats?
i opted for sweet red bell, red onion, fresh garlic, GPOP, black peps, pink salt,
cilantro, poblano, lemon and lime....
it was good, no doubt,
and scoopled into those tacos, it was even better,
but on the ones,
my man over in the produce section had better get it together.
i don't want to fight with avocado, ma.
i want to span enjoyable moments with those alligator pears.
word up.
chili-spice tempeh strips?!
i did that.
i mean, it basically did itself.
i just added a cup of broth,
paprika, liquid smoke, oregano, GPOP (obvi),
salt, pepper, cumin, coriander, thyme, and agave,
and let it boil down to nothin',
soaking dep into those 1/4" thick strips,
and then i added some olive oil and fired 'em a little tiny bit.
that's rad, right?
i mean,
it essentially was 90% passive action,
for 111% super-deliciousness.
...here's the thing:
the fixin's and mix-ins are the key, really.
a good protein goes a long way,
but great additions are what elevate and illuminate the big action in the clutch.
that's no joke.
cucumbers add cool.
cilantro adds refreshment.
lettuce is for crunch.
radishes are for spice.
purple carrots are there to look dope, because ugly food can go die in a ditch.
red onion has sharp flavor.
jalapenos add that bum bum yum yum boomfire.
tomatoes lube it up properly.
radicchio kinda just does it's own thing, really,
but it sure is pretty while it's about it's business.
a few sweet peppers, a couple of fried garlic sprankles,
and WOW.
you're dominating dinnertime into submission.
did i need six tacos?
too much is the right amount, man.
you already know.
and i also had chipotle chick peas.
basically, it's just a bunch of beans, onion, and peppers, oiled up, and sizzled down,
with the chipotle peppery dusties all over it.
i mean,
tacos are dope.
and if you're effing up tacos?
you're effing up at life.
get it sorted.
on the ones,
they are infinitely customizable,
and therefore, unless you're on those hard shelled sh!tballs,
you can't go wrong.
eat more tacos.
they make you cooler.
today is another 'nother busy big one.
i've got zaps on zaps to slap on these suckas all dang day,
and walks for miles and miles to tire out my little terrier before that.
in between, i've found i'll need to run errands until the last few seconds tick away.
it's all so much,
and there's always somehow even MORE.
i guess i'll just keep adding new things to do until i finally collapse.
then, i'll adjust the load, tighten up the reins, and get started again.
i just need a purpose.
that's actually all i've ever needed;
never quiet, never soft.....

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