Thursday, June 8


ohhhhhhhh, sh!t!!
hey there, neighbors...
guess what i did yesterday?
i went outside and hung out.
i did.
and it was great.
before that got underway,
i needed to get those plant-based metaphoric eagles' eggs nutrients,
to fire up the engines, stoke the cast-iron-caged hot fire furnace in my chest, 
and get my waterlogged body ready to recharge the batteries 
under the vaguely familiar yellow glowing globe in the sky.
the sun was out, the sky was blue, and it was beautiful, just like my breakfast.
word up.
and breakfast, on days OFF has got it going ON.
that's no joke.
on the really real, a powerful pump-up of plant-based prettiness always gets me psyched.
this particular batch of large-caliber activation had me feelin' especially expert.
y'know why?
because too much is the right amount,
and i am the only one who gets to decide where the line is.
the line?
the one that shouldn't be crossed, because it's dangerous.
i'll go to the hospital with exploded insides on my outsides before i chump out
on the level eleven shark-gluttony that gets me out of bed every day.
(that's the truth, tho.)
y'wanna see what i had?
you do??
that's good news,
because that's what's happening:

first off,
lemme tell you about the hash brown game up here.
it's tight.
molto tight.
crazy super-elite exxtra-tight.
and the secret is in the shred.
y'gotta salt up your peeled potatoes,
and y'gotta add those super-thin onion strands.
y'gotta drain the holy water from the starchy shrapnel,
with hard squeezes and firm grabs, until they're as dry as they're likely to get.
that's when the crisp happens, buddy.
for real.
i've been on a form-fit circle-shape press, lately, and i think i like it.
plus, when you fry 'em up, and tey're all crispy and in-shape?
that's DOPE.
i prefer to black pepper and paprika the tops,
and then add the accoutrements to really take it all even higher.
arugula? sharp!
scallion? spicy!!
sriracha? expert!!!
MORE exxxtras is even better than a lot.
now, take a look at these brekkie flaps:

ALL the hottness, plus a drizzle of tahini!!
you know it.
and i'll repeat it:
too much is the right amount.\
that's just the way it is.
crepes are SO fresh.
these jauns are chickpea flour and buckwheat flour. mostly,
and that makes them exxxtra tasty.
here's the rundown:
3 T chickpea flour;
3 T buckwheat flour;
1/3 cup a.p flour;
dash of salt;
2 tsp flax/chia meal;
1 cup non-dairy milk.
^that's it^
stirred up and rested a little minute,
before being swirled around a hot pan.
so simple, but so delicious.
and what's a crepe without an elite filling?
well, actually, it's just a flat pancake, which is still pretty good-
but rules is rules, guys,
and that meant big B activation was on the schedule of events.
tofu scrambo was there, and it was righteous, too.
that's 1/2 block exxxtra firm 'fu,
with GPOP, nootch, a dash of salt,
turmeric, black pepper, and a little smoked paprika, just to pump up the volume a bit.
and raddicchio, and pea shoots, for crunch and power,
plus a whole mess of grilled tomatoes.
red and gold minis are the way to go here.
they cook faster, and look cooler than a big fat dumb regular tomato.
that's the truth.
with perfectly ripe avocado,
shredded red onion,
and cilantro, too.
a few hemp heart sprankles,
and tahini drizzle for that good-good.
i had a day off that almost felt like one.
oh, well, it's not what you think....
crabtree, my terrific and terrible terrier, and i,
walked all over the streets ad the hills, for hours upon hours,
bringing joy (i think) to strangers on our travels through the woods, roads, 
and villages where we reside.
i've been working longer, and leaving home earlier, 
and generally being preoccupied with some next-level responsible adulthood stuff. 
and while it's necessary that i do it all,
it's still a real bummer to shorten the time i have to dedicate to my favorite little dude.
on the first day in recent memory that the weather wasn't a total A*-hole,
we headed outside to hang out and see sights.
oh, i should've done yard work.
there are probably about a billion things i should've done....
but i took good care of my friend, instead,
and in return, he slept like a boulder, immovable and indifferent, all night long.
it's the little moments like that which make the days seem fuller
than all the cooking and baking and planning and writing and running around combined.
i AM grateful for what i have,
but i can't settle for less, because then i may miss out on MORE.
it's all really happening, man-
that's the whole point;
never quiet, never soft.....

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