Thursday, June 22


i spanned the day doing more busywork,
and with more running around,
than on any two other days put together.
good thing i had a huge breakfast to fuel up the engines first.
after all that back and forth across the whole of the woodsly goodness,
i realized i'd been planning on skimping out on supper.
it's true,.
i could feel it in my blood,
a lackluster bust-out of botom-rung weak sauce.
and of course, the moment i realized it,
i could no longer accept that sort of sh!t-salad doo-doo buttery diaperbabyism.
i mean,
what the eff, neighbors?
am i suddenly an A*-hole?
emphatically, that's a NO.
in fact,
instead of b!tching out,
i brought down the vegan valkyries on my head,
and let those winged victories turn dinner up to eleven.
don't ever think i'll let myself turn into some sort of quittery turd.
no way.
there's only me over here at the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress,
so there's only me to keep the war machine primed and ready.
sure, i could just take it easy, after a long day of making moves and taking hikes,
i could choose the wrench,
and make sure that being expert isn't overlooked when my vantage point changes.
i'm glad i did a summer thing.
honestly, i'm thrilled about it.
summertime is for BARBECUE.
rules is rules, after all:

coleslaw is dope.
and easy.
and crawnchy.
and all of that is what you need, if you think you need to have a good time.
that's the recipe, actually-
shred all the veggies you like, and salt them a little,
a little black pepper, a splash of acid, and a dollop of fattie-boombattitude!
e.g: purple cabbage, savoy cabbage, carrot, parsley, cilantro, and red radicchio,
salt and peps, a splash of cider vinegar, and a blop of vegenaise.
simple, but perfect, and powerfully tasty.
i want corn IN my face.
sweet summer corn is SO dope.
it barely needs anything to be totally awesome.
just boil it for a few minutes and it's ready.
how long?
until it's brighter yellow than it was when you started.
seriously, who times corn?
i confess, i put a pat of butts on my cob.
i'm like that.
you've been warned.
baked spicy herbed exxxtra-firm tofu!!!
they got dusted and crusted with:
cayenne, flour, cornstarch, thyme, mustard, sriracha flakes,
cayenne, coriander, and paprika, smoked and sweet.
that's all that it took.
plus, a piece of parchment, and a 400℉ oven, for like fifteen minutes.
served up with grilled caramelized onions and pickle sprankles????
come on now, if you're not about that life,
you might need to end yours.
not really.
what's wrong with you.
but, that 'fu is the business, and it's spicy, and crisp, and thick,
and with the onions, it's sweet and slippery,
and those pickles are crunchy and salty,
and all together, it's one right-on bite for your big fat face.
i did a thing, and it did right by me.
i love it when that happens.
barbecued tempeh!!!!!
the homemade sauce recipe is here.
a cup of broth, with GPOP, and a few tablspoons of agave,
with a generous glug of olive oil,
and a hard-boil in a shallow pan,
until the liquid is all absorbed by half a block of that three-grain tempeh,
split into 1/4s on the diagonal,
and you're on the path to greatness.
that's a thing.
and when yo douse the whole thing in that smoky sweet sauce?
holy sh!t!
now you're tasting summer even MORE.
a few flips, a little high heat scorch,
and then, obviously, MORE SAUCE!
too much is the right amount,
especially when you're reppin' the day with the most light of all-
that arugula has been my go-to bitter green lately.
it adds a special little sumthin'-sumthin' that elevates sweet things into
a whole other 'nother dimension of tasty treatitude.
no joke.
turns out, it's all true.
without the bittter, the sweet just ain't as sweet.
and speaking of too much of a good thing,
which actually makes it a great thing-
i made a cubic acre of pasta salad.
i did.
i like pasta salad.
i like it-like it, even.
and when cucumber and sweet bell pepper, and red onion,
and red and gold tomatoes,
and chick peas,
all hang out, in italian-style-seasoned dressing,
all over and in-between those rainbow radiatore rufflers???
that's the sexxxiest cold macaroni on the market, man.
and i will eat it like my life depends on it.
i will eat it all up as if my waistline is s'posed to blossom like the desert after rain.
i will eat the holy livin' heck outta that big ol' bowl like doing so
will bring havok and vengeance from me to my enemies like it's 1399 a.d.
word up.
i enjoy good food.
i enjoy the creation of it,
the presentation of it,
and the devastation of it.
you watch tv and crush brewskis to relax, mabe,
and that's cool, if you like being forgettable and ordinary;
but i'm here making holysh!tloads of  expert plant-based burly beauty,
with all the nourishing nutrients a growing boy coulod ever need.
and i'm still growing, guys.
outwards, upwards, forwards.
there's no time to waste,
and i'm not wasting any time.
it's all really happening,
and that's pretty damned cool;
never quiet, never soft.....
p.s. shoutouts to fancy deluxxxe root beer, too.
you might do well to remember there's beers that don't make you lame.
don't forget your roots.

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