Thursday, June 1


we went out with a big bang, buds.
see you later , you very unmerry, unwelcome month of may-
you were cold, you were wet,
you were extremely off-putting,
and you were really kind of uninspiring in just about every way.
call me a narcissist,
but it sure seemed as though you might've been taking something out on me.
like, specifically.
that's not cool.
the grand finale was expert,
even if those final moments had us in the dark dark dark
of an unholy hailstorm maelstrom that necessitated the use of the big indoor light,
despite the hour being more than reasonable for natural sexxiness to shine through.
yup, and also, nope.
awwww, man.
nature wins,
and she shut me down on the good light just as my superior dinner action was complete.
what impeccably may-esque timing.
the meal as unreal, and that's no joke.
check the adios-aloha-type teleport:

shoutouts to F'L'ACOS!!!!
oh, yes, neighbors,
those ARE F*ing crepes.
that's right.
crepes are the wrap-ups.
and they're rye-kissed and black peppery, and totally awesome.
y'wanna make them?
it's so crazy easy, you'll be doing it allllll the time from now on-
in a smallish bowl, stir together:
1 cup of flour;
2 T rye flour (i used the darkness);
2 T crushed flax.chia meal;
black pepper;
1 1/4  cups 50/50 non-dairy milk/water.
^ you may need more water when the binders bloom, add it in, dummy. jeez.
swirl a scoop of that runny, funny watery batter around in a very hot pan,
lifting the pan, and twirling it so the circle of spreading crepe-yness is even,
and let it cook until it's dry on top, give it a quick flip,
and another 30 seconds on side two,
and VOILA! you're making crepes.
how many does that make?
i dunno, how big are you making them?
i had six 7"ers all told.
the falafel was dope.
as always.
because falafel is always dope.
fried up, after being rolled in sumac and chick-pea flour, they had a magical crust
that belied the softer succulence inside.
the falafel recipe is here.
and there's hummus, obvi.
and pickles, pickled jalapenos, pepperoncinis, red onion, and STRAWBERRIES.
that was good call.
a little fruit freshness reallllly turned the sexxiness up to eleven.
i love it when that happens.
there's a lemon-dressed salad of parsley, cilantro, scallion, and tart radicchio, as well.
it's pretty AND it's tasty, and that's what y'want when you're greening-up a F'L'ACO!
how could i turn it up a little MORE?
salsa fresca!
anything else to raise the bar even higher?
oh, yeah: AVOCADO!
and then,
there was a whole lot of exxxtra-garlicky lemony tahini drizzlification, too.
that's riiiiiight-
you know the rules-
too much is the right amount.
and i will NOT knowingly let myself settle for less.
the storm settled right overhead,
with thunder and lightning so frightening,
and i couldn't get the shot i wanted.
the pictures that document what really goes on
at the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress are important to me.
no, for serious, tho, guys-
i want a record of how beautiful i can get,
whilst this ugly skin covers what's poppin' within.
stay ugly, stay dope.
i mean,
rules is rules,
and today is the day.
the last meal might've been rained out,
but the next one is sure to be a sunshiny exxplosion of expertism.
i am grateful for the chance to do it all again;
never  quiet, never soft.....

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