Friday, June 23


my dear friend, and all-around solid dude,
travis is in town!!!
the mastermind behind @vegan_magic_time
is here in the northeastern woodsly goodness,
live and direct from the sweaty reaches of nicaragua.
to go one better,
he was at the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress last night for dinner.
good things happen when there's vegan magic joining forces,.
and this was yet another example of that.
what was on the menu?
for starters,
he broughth some summer rolls over that were off the hinges good.
full stop from the tippity-top.
they were flippin' expert.
peaches! tofu! pea shoots! roastie beets! jalapenos!
...and fresh sexy lime-activated dippin' SAUCE!!!
he'll hopefully have the details over at his spot.
go find out about them, because they're too rad not to enjoy for yourselves.
real talk.
and then,
while we snacked on those supersexxx cyclinders (oh, grow up)
we fashioned an exxxtra-excellent turbo-elite veggie overload.
word up.
when the serve up started, i think we both realized that it was legitimately
more food than even our own heroic standards could manage.
that's how you know you're doing it right, neighbors.
when it's more power than the grid can cope with,
you're finally recognizing the true potential of too much.
the noise and the fury,
the thunder and the lightning,
the hot fire and the raging stormswept savage berserker barbarian buffet
all showed up to the party.
that's no joke.
check the teleport:

that's a sword style, man.
shouts out to THAI THURSDAY!!!
when you absolutely need a lot of food in a hurry,
asia is the place to start looking.
we went regionally non-specific, and blew up the spot
with those twin-tone sossamon sesame split-flour semi-steamed, fried-up
dumplings are molto rad, and if you disagree you're probably a real jerk.
so sorry, jerk, but only activated awesomizers are allowed to my dinnertime parties.
womp womp.
but, for the rest of us,
the dumplestiltskin deluxxe is the way to go.
3/4 cup flour;
1/2 cup brown rice flour;
2 T sesame sossamons;
dash of salt;
>1/2 cup warm water.
knead it for a few minutes, rest it for a few minutes,
and then roll out your dump wraps on a well floured surface.
the filling was especially on point, too:
3 T sesame oil;
1/2 block exxxtra-firm tofu;
1/2 cup minced onion;
1 small carrot, cubed especially tiny-sized.
4 exxxtra-large brussels sprouts, chiffonaded;
3/4 cup chopped mung bean sprouts;
fresh grated ginger;
3 cloves crushed garlic;
GPOP, black pepper, ground mustard, red pepper flakes-
2 T rice wine vinegar;
3 T tamari;
lots of love.
allow that filling to cool, before you drop a scoople
into each circular hommemade packet,
otherwise, it'll poop out the bottom,
and that is bush-league laughable amateur sh!t, man.
consider that a decree, buddy.
so be expert, or be asked to leave.

2 T rice wine vinegar;
2 T soy sauce;
1 tsp sesame oil;
1/2 tsp garlic oil;
fresh garlic;
two squirts ho'sauce;
2 squirts agave;
GPOP, coriander, cracked black pepper, ground mustard.
2 T sriracha;
1 tsp soy sauce;
1 tsp rice wine;
1/2 tsp sesame oil;
1 dash liquid smoke.
y'just fry 'em up in sesame oil, cut with a splash of olive oil,
on high heat.
fry one side,
add a couple of tablespoons of water,
and cover the until the water disappears.
flip 'em over one time, brow that second side,
and serve them up like a lord of lusciousness.
hells to the yes,
that's 100% elite and extravagant DIRTY DUMPERS.
how about that bok choy stri fry?
broccoli, boks, onion, and red pepper,
braised in lighth brothy big action,
and seared in a toasted sesame/raw coconut oil exxxplosion .
that's the stuff.
leafy, succulent sexy greens?
with mutha effin' coconut-oil crisped crusted tofu?!?!
that's dope,
but when you also toss in some cool and refreshing mint sprankles,
AND purple carrot chips,
AND a few cabbagey shreds,
AND maybe just a couple of pea shoots for good measure?
now you're talking about something that spreaks to my soul-hole.
sharing a meal with a good friend is great.
sharing it with somebody who also understands food is tremendously rewarding.
i am grateful for the time and the tale we shared.
i'm also grateful fot that mutha-'ucing cashew-pineapple pad thai.
yeeeeeeah, boyeeeeeeeee.
fattie boombatie udon noods!!!!
jalapeno slices!!!
toasted cashews!!
fresh juicy pineapple chunks!
so dope.
2 T mae ploye sweet chili stuff;
2 T tamari
3 T rice wine vinegar;
2 T agave;
1 tsp sesame oil;
1 tsp garlic oil;
2 tsp chili-garlic paste.
y'got your noods boiled, and rinsed, and back in the hot pan,
and you add your sauce, and stir it while it sizzles for all your worth.
it doesn't matter how many noods you've boiled,
it only matters that they're covered in alllll that sauce.
and when they're well coated, and heated?
well, toss in the pineapple and the jalapeno,
and add it all to your serving bowl, buddy.
top it with purple cabbage shreds, and refreshingly bright cilantro sprankles,
and you've got something to show off to everybody who cares to look.
wordimus prime!
not everybody gets an invite.
that's real.
and not even half of the folks who do ever show up.
i know i'm lucky to have the few friends who really understand my flavor.
i mean,
obsessive is one thing,
but aggressive and abrasive and invasive and intense all at once?
that's some other other sh!t entirely.
lucky me,
there are focused and fresh-to-death worth warrior poets out there
who really seem to 'ge it'.
i'm counting my blessings, and i'm counting the leftovers:
10% of the bok choy escaped ingestion.
30% of the noods made it until this morning,
a grand total of 0 dumplings got a reprieve.
dumps go in your mouth, kid.
i'm serious.'s all really happening,
and too much is the right amount.
next time,
we'll bring more mouths to feed,
and that's take care of the surplus;
never quiet, never soft.....

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