Wednesday, June 14


tuesday kind of ruled.
i had two big enjoyable full-custom freehand tattoos at the end of the day,
on two of my favorite smiley-faced lesbian homegirls.
and that's pretty awesome anytime.
but, on the day before my day off?
that's ending on a high note .
even my first client was mostly ok.
when you have a whole day of ladies with not-terrible ideas,
it's kind of hard to get bummed out.
and if it just so happens to also be tuesday,
then the night is sure to be hella tight, too.
rules is rules, neighbors.
and if it's a pressed-for-time tuesday,
and there's a powerful hunger compelling you,
then there can only be the one answer:
TACO TUESDAY for your face!!
it was a late day at the studio,
and the light was trying to eff me in the A* for photoshootin' my foodstuffs.
it got cloudy in the lamest way as the evening approached-
i was quick and efficient, competent, capable, and effective,
and i got a big ol' batch of tacos up and at 'em in under twenty minutes.
check the soft-flour-only-in-this-house-thank-you-type teleport:

i've got all the good stuff, guys,
and i cleared the plate like a champion.
do you even like tacos?
i hope so.
you're a whole lot cooler if you do.
that's real.
there wasn't really even all that much cooking.
which is F*ing great news,
because whole foods are already ready,
because they're already what they're s'posed to be!
cucumbers and purple carrots and sweet red peppers,
mixed baby lettuces, jasmine rice,
red and gold fresh sweet baby tomatoes,
and nootch-boosted ho'sauce-activated refried pinto beans,
all in one place, with cilantro, and MORE ho'sauce?
that's a tasty bite, buddy.
the refrieds, being naturally fat-free in the vegetarian version,
need a big scoop of butter,.
and some onion, and poblano pepper,
maybe even a bit of jalapeno. if you're a spicy one.
plus, a punch of nootch,
a shake of GPOP, (Garlic Powder Onion Powder)
and a dash of ho'sauce, for extra-special flavorful infusion.
how easy does it get?
i mean,
if all i wanted was ease and comfort, those jauns have got it going on.
that ain't me, mam.
i have to abide by the code.
and one kind of taco is delicious,
but two is the minimum buy-in for taco tuesday times.
real talk:
too much is the right amount,
and a chipotle tofu exxxplosion was definitely in keeping with that elite executive order.
exxxtra-firm tofu, a little oil, a lot of crushed chipotle pepper,
with oregano, a pinch of sugar, salt, black pepper, paprika, and GPOP,
plus just the babiest bit of cumin to turn up the taste to eleven.
and that's just one facet of the myriad tastes in taco #2.
radicchio shreds, and pea shoots, and cilantro composed the leafy portion,
while jalapeno discs,
and more of those tomatoes added some fresh veggie hottness to the mix.
then the expertism got underway in full swing,
and that perfect avocado made an appearance,
and suddenly, my whole head was swimming in psyched-up sensory overload!
that's when you know you're on the right track.
what else?
how about some cashew sour crema?
heck yes!!!
the fast taco scene around here goes hard.
the day's labors closed out as light and tight as they started with.
that's amazing.
i'm amazed.
and it all really happened, start to finish.
it's the perfect temperature to go for a long-A* hike.
poor crabtree doesn't know what's in store for his bug dumb head-
but he will soon enough-
we're about to actually try to enjoy the day together.
i'm cautiously optimistic,
and i'm eager to get it all underway.
i ate an acre of breakfast,
and i'm all powered up for the hours ahead.
here we go,
and there you have it;
never quiet, never soft.....

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