Wednesday, May 31


i effed up a little tiny bit, buddies.
i had a plan, but i didn't plan it well.
burritos have long eluded my food photography skills.
and here's why:
they look like beige diapers.
that's zero percent sexxxy.
and that is a fact.
beige underwear isn't sexy.
diapers aren't sexy,
combining them is definitely NOT sexy.
enchiladas are sexxxy,
because despite the amazingness being hidden within the roll-up,
the gravied craziness,
and the saucy boss-move activation carry them all the way upstairs,
to the naughty boudoir of tubular enjoyments.
but burritos?
they're just not sexxxy.
the thing of it is,
i was still gonna make one ,and cut it open,
so that it would be technically more of a wrap with rice,
but the general idea would get conveyed to you, the viewer,
that is might just be what's inside that counts.....
i didn't have any gigantic tortillas.
and the light?
it was failing fast.
mexican monday became a massive mexican mountain of burrito'd big action.
check out the consolation-prize-type teleport:

red beans! fresh corn, straight off of the cob!
poblano and jalapeno and red chili peppers! radishes!!
cilantro! tomatoes! chipotle pepper powder! GPOP!
black pepper! lime juice! red onion!! green onion!!
cayenne-fried tofu!!! AVO-EFFING-CADO!!
and lime rice!!!!!
that's actually better looking than a burrito could realisticaly hope to be.
and that's no joke.
the edible garnishes didn't hurt either-
i love lettuce, and i can't get enough of those pea tendrils....
alllllllll the good stuff, ready to go,
and me without my soft flour circle to scoople it up.
i made due with those blue corn jauns,
because i can adapt if i HAVE to.
is that slivered celery on the side?
you bet your A* it is.
that right there is sriracha-ho'sauce-cayenne cauliflower,
and it totally made my night.
real talk.
a pat of butter, a drop of broth,
all the hot sauces,
hot parika, cayenne pepper, black pepper,
a few tablespoons of onion,
and half a head of cauli to get steamy and wild with all that fiery wet redness.
it was something, i'll tell ya.
something dope, as a matter of fact.
may is done.
that was fast.
it's no secret that i've been on a quest to fly solo in my professional life.
at least, i don't think i've been keeping it a secret,
the secret universal plan has been holding out on me.
the search continues for a suitable spot.
...but seriously, kids,
it IS starting to seem like the valley has been in cahoots with the fates,
and while i WANT to be on my own as far as work goes,
i may be destined to remain that way only in my personal life.
womp. womp.
time ticks by, and the hot irons cool without any strikes,
save maybe a few strike-OUTS.
i persist, don't you worry.....
when the final bells toll,
i really do wonder where i'll end up.
it's all really happening,
but the parts i need are taking too long,
and the opportunity is passing by too quickly.
it's always that way.
shoutouts to hard styles and long nights;
never quiet, never soft..... 

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