Friday, May 26


neighbors, there was a party!
yeah, there really was-
harvest and maple,
their mother, and her main man, keith,
and my long-lost homeboy, mitch,
were all in attendance,
and we put the dance in it, at ten, and afterwards.
shoutouts to wordplay.
i used my day off to go see PIEBALD.
if you don't know what i'm talking about,
you think i mean variegated albinism or mottled pigmentation,
well, ok, that IS a thing-
but i'm talking about music, man.

one of the bands to supply a formative soundtrack to my beginnings.
that's real.
a huge chunk of my superhero origin story
would have their songs playing in the background.
and after ten years, they're playing shows.
there's a place, in my hometown of hamden, connecticut,
called the outer space/spaceland ballroom,
and it's a sh!tty restaurant, a divey bar, and a fantastic place to see live music.
which we did.
and i have to tell you something-
i had a serious proud papa moment,
because my kids and i were at the very front,
singing every single word to every single song,
loud, fresh, and hard, the entire time.
even their ma was rockin' out like a champion,
and mitch was at my back,
and it was like we traveled back in time about twenty years,
and for a scary span,
maybe two songs' worth,
i remembered what we were all like, way in the before times,
when we had common interests and genuine affection,
and spent every single minute hanging out-
allllll those looooooooong years ago.
the show was incredible.
the energy was explosive.
the songs were still as awesome as they were when they were written,
my children were happy and so was i.
(write that down)
we got super sweaty and hoarse and had the best time.
watching my girls reminded me of what it feels like to be young,
trying to look cool at shows where scene kids are posturing so hard-
forever making faces.
i am very grateful for the time we were given,
and for the my-age rock-and-rollers who roked our socks off.
no, they didn't age well,
but, damn, they still kicked out 100% of the available jams,
and impressed the packed house with their party-time expertism.
we had a little somethin'-somethin' beforehand too:

nothing tastes as good as pepe's pizza.
if you're not aware,
i suggest you take a roadtrip to the head of the pizza pantheon immediately.
you won't regret it.
maple has managed to blur her face in every picture.
it's like she's possessed, almost.
i guess she's got a special talent.
these kids are rad.
really, tho.
they've got humor, and brains, and i'm just so psyched on them.
family togetherness is my favorite part.
there's not ever enough of it,
and i always leave too soon,
wishing for more of all that love and sh!t.
i'm grateful for what i've been given,
and i'm luckier than i deserve to be, that's for sure.
it's all really happening,
and hey!
you're part of it*;
never quiet, never soft.....
*american hearts is a great song.

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