Sunday, May 28


home is where the house is.
honest to goodness, that's no joke.
the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress is my all-time favorite place.
that's true.
it's a mystic supernatural wizard museum,
and it's where i want to be most days, most often, more than anywhere else.
that's why it's so frustrating to live up here
in this northern white mountainous woodsly goodness-
i work a LOT, just to have it, and i'm not enjoying it as much as i'd like,
although i'm enjoying more compared to where i span time otherwise.
my home is where i belong,
but it is beset on all sides by people, places, things, and thinks that do NOT
mesh, interconnect, sync, or otherwise integrate with the Folk Life warrior poetry
that i ascribe to as a code of conduct.
i am one of one, a closed solution set, in an equation that roughly translates as:
a = albie {x = up-here people} a + x = 0. a > 0.
is that real math?
i dunno,
but i'll bet you caught on to what i was adding up......
if my house was picked up by a tornado, and dropped off somewhere else?
i'd like there.
i chose this haunted house.
and i think, maybe, i'm a little too attached.
it's just a domicile, after all-
it's also where i spent the actual literal best and worst days of my life,
and real life documentarians LIVE for that kind of compact and concise history.
this is where it all really happened,
and while lots and lots of other other stuff has happened everywhere else, my personal narrative, the solo saga of solace and sorrow,
the main dramatic focal loci is right flippin' here.
i guess what i'm sayin' is:
where the F* would i move to?
and would that actually make a difference?
starting over, again, as a stranger, in a new place,
with no base of operations,
and no client base,
repping another 'nother rise-up from scratch at 41 years old?
here's an unrelated, but equally true story-
i can whip up something expert at the drop of a hat.
that's kind of my big action, y'know?
something from nothing.
in the kitchen, it's quick, easy, and rewarding-
in the wider outer world, it's doable but daunting...
if only i could activate a new career as easily as i can concoct a crucial galette.
i mean, really, neighbors-
with a few at-hand ingredients, and a preheated oven,
i can show you some things- like an exxxxtra-crusty star-spangled tart...
even with months of planning,
i'm STILL at the stumbling start of a new endeavor in the business world.
that's lame.
but, the tart?
THAT was good:

chocolate, and peanut butter, and creamchee' and sugar.
all good things to eat,
all in together now,
all for me...
(and dennis and patti,
as a thank you for watching crabtree while i was in CT)
you need some of this.
you'll have to make your own of course, but that's pretty simple.
check it out-
i happened to have extra creamchee' cheater pastry dough,
leftover from this.
i rolled out a circle, punched out a whole mess of stars from the scrap dough,
and set that aside, in the fridge, while i made the filling.
in one small pot, i poured 1/3 cup natural smooth peanut butter,
and 4 T tofutti creamchee', along with a fat handful of chocolate chips,
1 tsp vanilla, and 1/4 cup powdered sugar together,
and stirred it over medium-low heat, until it formed a fudgy paste,
which only took about five minutes.
spreading that on the cold dough was a cinch,
and dropping some choco chips on top, post crimp-edged fold-up was, too.
i baked that sweet baby b!tch on parchment, on a baking pan,
in the oven, at 375℉, for 30 minutes,
and it came out flaky, and buttery, and crisp,
with the center smooth, melty, rich, and dense,
plus, those starts looki' hella kyoooooooooooot, too.
i could've left it alone, and it'd have been dope.
but, rules is rules,
and i'm not tryin' to settle for a ten when eleven is within reach, holmes.
that's how it's just s'posed to be, bro.
too much is the right amount.
therefore, melted dark chocolate drizzles seemed like a no-brainer, really.
i'm sayin', who doesn't like a little MORE chocolate?
A*-holes, that's who.
and what better way to ensure high contrast visibility in the browns and beige,
than a little stark white powdered sugary sprankle magic to set it apart?!?!
if you've got a whole dough to work with, i'd make two or three, were i you.
they go down easy, and quickly, and you'll wish you had more,
so consider this friendly advice a preemptive ounce of preparation
in anticipation of your extreme enjoyment.
you're welcome,
where to go?
what to do?
how to make any of it happen?
whenever i need a giant sculptural head, i can make that in an afternoon
with cardboard and tape.
when i need a solid, sound approach to a fortuitous future?
i wander the unkempt corridors of this old house,
wondering about the spaces i call my home,
and the things i call my own.
it's all really happening, right here,
just like always,
and i can only guess that all this time being taken is absolutely a necessity.
i really wouldn't want to waste any;
never quiet, never soft.....

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