Thursday, May 4


pressed for time,
out of space,
out to lunch,
and almost totally on fire.
that's me.
so, how do YOU spend your days off?
intermittent rain on my head?
yeah, i had that.
wind-whipped embers full-blown igniting a leaf pile feet from my house?
that's too.
i always thought that forest fire sh!t was make-believe.'s not.
a little spark, a lot of wind (the worst), and you've got a situation.
the leaves were half -wet, too, so there was choking smoke in great grey gouts
spouting from the blaze, as well.
no. i didn't burn down the house.
but, i did have an urge to listen to talking heads.
i went out for lunch, which was nice, in terms of keeping company....
but i think my all-consuming kitchen quest has got me feelin' a certain kind of way.
i've become one of those always-disappointed-with-my-food-at-the-restaurant people.
and they're SO sucky to hang out with, too.
it's just that unless i'm at a dedicated vegan/vegetarian restaurant,
the options are limited, lazy, uninspired, and condescending-
let me guess- salad, hold the cheese and dressing.
hummus, with avocado, in a wrap.
got it. thanks. a million.
i did all that, plus all my errands, and a dog walk and a car ride with crabtree.
he really has become a focus of my daily routine.
my kids are big and far away;
the prospect of meeting, greeting, and sweetening up the ladies seems grim at best;
work is a necessary six-round fistfight with my ego and ambition;
a happy-go-lucky little terrier is a nice highlight,
even if he is very dim in the brain area.
and i baked.
and i baked.
and then i baked some more.
and when i had baked all i could?
i got the sourdough into the fridge, proofing and resting up for today's bake.
i made myself some supper.
i sure do love eating food, neighbors.
that's NO joke.
and once again,
i used too many pans, and made too many dishes, and had too many ingredients.
i s'pose that complication is my baseline readout,
and it only gets even more tilty from there-
too much is the right amount.
this is just another example of that:

i broke out the big bowl,
and got into some big action,
for my big appetite.
yes, that's right.
-how hot were those jalapeƱos?
hiccups and coughs hot.
-how crawnchy were those purple carrots?
couldn't hear myself think over the chewing.
-how toasted were those chickpeas?
they F*ing cracked down the middles, so you tell me.
-how refreshing was that salad?
it was mandatory to have a bit between bites of that hot chili stir fry, man.
and those noods?
the noods were terrific.
ricey-nicey-nice flat rice jauns,
boiled, rinsed, drained, and tossed into a 3:1:1:1 ratio of
tahini:soy:garlic oil:water solution,
complete with exxxtra sesame sossamon itty-bitties, to make it look sexxxy.
the sesame-oil seared super-spicy chunked mushrooms,
brox florets, cauli-fleurz, chili peppers, garlic, and onions
only got even more elite when i hit 'em with a little cilantro and some lime juice.
boom boom boom.
that's what's up.
pan fried asparagus? tender spears of longinus for my manifest destiny.
anybody? oh well.
pea tendrils? crisp!
and that TOFU, bro.
GPOP, sesame oil, two-tone sesame seeds, and scallion sprankles.
that's a whole lotta hottness for one bowl.
i think i like it like that.
one epic excavation of elite multi-tiered taste and texture.
it's an undertaking to make,
and it's an undertaking to enjoy.
you need to be ready to fight through the feeling of superpacked overfullness
that hits about halfway through.
i mean, rules is rules,
and around here,
the rules clearly state that you stay until the thing is done.
here's the thing.
noodoos are dope.
that was a gimme, at the end of a rushed and hurried day.
a faster-than-it-was-fancy fresh bowl of burly bellyfilling freshness.
today is the day again)
it's may the fourth,
and that's ST◬R W◬RS D◬Y.
the only issue is:
i have NO idea what sort of clever dinner i should make for myself.
maybe that's just it-
i've gotta wait for the force to awaken.
there is no try, after all;
never quiet, never soft.....

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