Friday, May 5


a slow thursday?
damn, dudes.
that's weak.
...on the light side,
i got to paint and draw a little,
which is good.
on the dark side,
that was only because i was NOT busy doing tons of tattoos
to celebrate ST⨻R W⨻RS D⨻Y,
and that's where the ambition and fear and anger and suffering
all turned up to turn up the volume on my bad guy vibes.
so, what could i do about it?
how could i bring balance to the force?
oh, i doubt i could've.
so, instead, i just activated a little fingerpainting on snapchat,
and turned my frown into some force-sensitive midichlorian makeup.
i'm a F*ing nerd, bro. like it, i think-
either way,
there is no cake in this post,
unless you count the beefcake in the pictures.
ha. ha. ha.
beef, though. SO gross.
i draw with my index finger so you can give me the middle one.
i wanted to do the common lightsaber colors,
including a pee-pee streamer like your boy plo koon's yellow jaun.
so, i did:

and equal time needsto be allotted to the villains,
or heroes,
depending on if you're on the high ground, or not:

and then there's the classic episode 4 blue saber, of course:

(i keep it 100 on the nerd chart, son)
for those calmer minds, there's gotta be the green yoda style, too:

i do love to deface my face.
next up,
the slightly tilty bad-mutha-'uckin' purple stuff.
i mean,
y'gotta do it, once you know there's such a thing-
rules is rules, man,
and mace windu was the number one chief rocka,
and anybody reppin' a grapesaber gets a head nod from me:

lightsabers are flippin' awesome.
that's the truth.
if we're honest with ourselves,
what color would any of us really have?
i'm certain mine would be red as F*.
it's just that i'm the sort to deal in absolutes at all times,
and we all know only a sith does that.
then what's up with darth albie?

there it is.
i skipped the white one.
or rather, i didn't like the way it looked when i made it.
i gave it a shot, naturally.
i did that.
because it was ST⏃R W⏃RS D⏃Y,
and that's what you do when that's when it is.
it kind of made me want to use real photos, and real paint,
and put the better nicer good-good to it.
who knows?
if there's another 'nother slow day tucked into these next few weeks,
i just might.
it's cinco de mayo.
and i need to be ready to get belligerent on a hill of beans.
all that spaceman stuff is over,
and all this battle of puebla sh!t has just begun.
it's all really happening,
today is the day,
and it's the anniversary of daddy's house,
oh MAN. it really is.
it could be seven years ago, already?
most of you do NOT know about the terrible ideas i have,
or worse,
the even more insidiously sinister tattoos i've done....
i curate the stories, and i administer them here to a more favorable image of myself-
but trust me,
i think i owe my butthole some penance for the sins i've committed against others'.
and while i'm not gonna get mine tattooed,
i am going to deliver a montezumaniacal magma-blast to myself,
end to end,
with all the unholy mole',
and twice the hot salsa,
just to try and even the score a little bit.
damn, dudes-
i've done things that only further confirm that i'm on that red 'saber tip.
i'd probably need to throw a b!tch down a hole that leads to the power core
in order to redeem myself,
but for now,
it's just going to have to be mexican food that saves the day;
never quiet, never soft.....

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