Monday, May 1


it's well documented.
like, it's matter of historical record, basically.
on the first of the month, you do the thing-
what thing?!
are you some kind of an A*-hole?
don't be dumb.
you do the thing.
you say the magic word proudly aloud..... twice.
rules is rules.
y'gotta speak the spell if you wanna ensorcel the sh!t with P.M.A.
today, neighbors.
today is the day.
the first one is when we do it to it,
and you'd better believe i did it.
the mantra has to be spit out into the world,
in order to cultivate coincidences and foster fortune's favor.
....that's possibly a real thing.
at any rate,
it doesn't cost anything to say the words,
and it certainly can't hurt to stay up on the superstitiously spoken syllables.
word up.
i pronounced it with percussive, concussive force,
loud, fresh, hardness for garnering goodness is these woods.
two times, for your mind:
rabbit! rabbit!
that's how it is done,
and that is how i did it.
here we are,
in the merry merry month, or so i've heard.
i'm mostly just wondering why it's raining so F*ing hard.
i thought that was april's thing.
we're always a little behind up here, i guess.
after i baked some sourdough,
which was too hot to cut into,
i still wanted something expert for breakfast,
so i fashioned a little somethin' new and exciting,
since the oven was already nice and hot.
i started with all the exxxtra pastry dough,
rolled out and spread over my cast iron skillet,
but then i freaked it off with a new twist.
almond-milk-soaked thick-cut porridge oats
with real authentic actual new hampshire maple syrup, a pat of butterish.
a little vanilla, and a scoop of brown sugar.
SO expert.
take a look at how breakfast is going to be in the future:

oatmeal in pastry?
that's what i needed.
and with a handful of antioxidant dopeness in the form of wild maine bloobs???
word up, kids-
i even activated it three MORE times.
too much is the right amount.....
so like 1.2.3. let's make it work
1. lemon zest sprankles.
2. toasted coconut sprankles.
3. raw sugar sprankles.
boom boom booooooom.
baked up for a bit, until it got golden,
and the blueberries burst and the juices drizzled down
into those creamy, thick, rich, hearty oats.....
i ate too much again.
i think that's just my thing.
but, it was tasty, and i felt great all damned day,
and if an overdosage of antioxidants is all it takes?
there's a good chance it's going to keep happening,
more and more often.
that's sort of how we approach things-
the woeful worrisome world-weary worthy warrior poets of the woodsly goodness.
there may be too few of us to go out questing,
but we'll still eat a ton more than all the rest of you.
...or may NOT.
it's just too soon to tell.
MAY is either a yes or a prevarication,
so hopefully,
i've jacked my rabbity lagomorpohism up enough to turn the tide,
should the month begin to lag and languish.
anything is possible.
that's the best thing about MAY.
you get it-
we've got this-
it's all really happening,
that's always been the whole point;
never quiet, never soft.....

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