Thursday, December 22


my little baby is fifteen.
fifteen years.
in a row.
my youngest is 15.
it's a big berfday for maple star.
what a good kid.
i'm a lucky guy, neighbors.
i mean it.
i could've gotten stuck with a couple of real sh!tbombs,
but instead of getting typical teens with big attitudes,
and deep resentments of their divorced and logistically distant dad,
we get along well,
and for the most part, we like each other,
in fact,
i'm actually a big fan of these little jerks.
they're cool.
...way cooler than i ever will be,
and maple is a very interesting little capricorn.
i'm very excited for big falafel party in
new haven.
falafel party.
maple's decision.
what about new haven?
i'm heading to connecticut for a few days,
with crabtree as my copilot,
and if i survive his assistance
and four days with my folks,
and the drive home with my children,
there's a family togetherness exxxplosion on hand
for the whole of the next eleven days.
and i'm headed down to kick off the family fun with one heck of a cake.
check the berfy-day-o-type teleport:

double-vanilla brown-sugar cake!!!!
chocolate cake crumbs glued into both sides with maple creamchee' frosting,
more frosting maple-sweetened vanilla swirls this time,
stuck up on there with snowflake sugar cookies-
maple on maple for maple.
get it?
oh, stop...
you like it
and what would a berfday cake be without sprankles?
it's be a big waste of time, dude.
i got those little candy solstice snowflake jauns right on it.
all i'll say is this:
i really like cake.
the recipe for this one will have to wait, because i've gotta hit the road,
but believe me,
i am grateful for the time and for the people
and for the experiences i have been allowed to enjoy.
fifteen years of being a double dad.
a decade and a half.
that's massive,
and magical,
and today is the day for celebrating it.
happy berfday maple,
i love you more than your fifteen year old brain can comprehend.
never quiet, never soft.....

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