Monday, December 5


y'know what's really delicious?
and i'm not sayin' that the addition of coconut makes everything better,
i'd hope that there's a shared sentiment between us
about how the flavor is so elite,
and the texture, when appropriately applied,
in dry unsweetened flakes and shreds,
is flippin' tremendous.
that means no gummy white easter-grass bag mix coconut, bro.
don't do it.
i believe it's the numero uno reason folks with an underdeveloped sense
of adventurous food sampling habits HATE coconut.
it must be because that stringy sh!t is the WORST.
also, bag mix coconut?
that's what poor people do.
and there's no excuse to eat poorly,
even when you aren't financially wealthy.
it's bad for you...
coconut in cake is expert,
and coconut in cranberry cake?
well, that's a whole other 'nother new frontier of explosive hottness for your mouth.
real talk.
i made a thing, and i wanna show it to you.
check the teleport:

dried cranberries and flaked coconut,
ground coconut and vegan sour cream,
brown sugar and all the intentional intensity i could summon-
this cake makes me have a FEELING, man.
you wanna make it?
you should.
it's dope.
if you're up for it, do this:
preheat the oven to 360F
grease and flour a 9" springform pan,
and in a large and in charge mixing bowl,
1 cup light brown sugar;
1 stick vegan butts;
+ 3 T coconut oil;
1 tsp vanilla;
1/2 tsp salt;
when thoroughly mixed-
whip in 1 cup vegan sour cream
add 2 cups flour ( i used a 1/2 cup of spelt in the mix,
just because i'm a nerd like that )
1/2 cup freshly ground dry coconut
1/2 cup coconut flakes
2 tsp bakey powpow
1 tsp bakey soda
1 cup non-dairy milk ( i use coconut, because, i mean, c'mon)
1+ cup dried cranberries
whisked and whipped and thoroughly mixed,
and added into that springing-format circle,
it only needed one more thing before baking.
the cake itself would be so nicey-nice,
but too much is the right amount,
and i couldn't stand the thought of not activating
my custom cranberry compote again.
i layered one and half cups or so of my SAUCE right on top.
sauce recipe is as follows:
1 pkg. berries
1 cup cider
1 T vanilla
1 cup brown sugar
1 T lemon
1/4 cup syrup
that's it. cooked until the berries burst, and the combined pectin
of the juice and the pulp make a perfect compote.
get after it, it's good for you.
get into it, but let it cool first, and you WILL have exxxtra.
i baked that big baby for somethinng like 40 minutes.
the wet top, and the buttery bottom need a little time to set up in the center,
or you'll ge a sunken crater that will taste good, but look bad.
so be patient.
i might've spritzed the top with a few coconut sprankles, too.
i mean,
i DO like a fancy little bit of work, friends.
when it was all set, and cooled off, and lookin' like it wanted to get dressed for a party-
that's when i whipped out the coconut frosting,
and really turned up the sugary sexxiness to eleven.
1 1/2 cups kapowdered sugar
4 T butts
2 T coconut oil
1/4 cup fresh finely ground coconut
and vanilla coconut creamer, spoonful by spoonful, to freak it off a little,
until the whisking of the mixer makes it fluffed the eff out.
snowflakey swirls?
i doo doo that 6-pointed starbright white frosty sh!t.
this cake is REALLY good.
i ate more than is advisable in one shot,
that's my style.
the crumb is so moist, and so deep,
and it's got that buttery melt in every mouthful.
the sauce is tart, but not so much so that it's bitter.
just a little sass to keep you interested.
and that's a good look.
maybe you want some,
maybe you'll make some,
maybe this is the start of a new culinary reality in your household.
only time will tell, if you're able to tell time to take it easy
and let the cake reign over a hour or so.
work and work and work.
that's the plan.
there's much, so much, oh-so much to do,
and it all needs to be attended to.
so i guess i'm tenderly tending to the tasks,
until the jobs are done,
the dog is walked,
the dinner is cooked,
and the night is deeply underway.
it all happens so fast.
...i mean,
it's already light out,
that means the day is well underway already.
it's all really happening-
so much,
too much,
just right;
never quiet, never soft.....

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