Friday, December 9


i have more bread than i could reasonably consume in a week.
i mean,
i hate wasting the starter, 
and it's so active that it has been producing all the natural wild yeast leaven 
that i need for breads and doughs and then some.... 
...and then some more.
too much is the right amount, however,
and i don't wanna just talk about that life-
i wanna BE about that life.....
which means i need new ways to get into this bread surplus,
and make it expert.
that brings us to french toast.
french-style kisses are dope.
french-style fries are dope.
and toast, made a la francais?
you know what's up- it's DOPE.
check the toast-type teleport:
it was easy enough to make.
two big ol' pieces of buckwheat-spiked white mountain white sourdough bread,
soaked in a concoction of eggless-batter-y big business for breakfast!!
in a bowl, combine yourself the following ingredients:
half a cup of non dairy milk;
a tsp powdered sugar;
1 T ground flax seeds;
2 T nutritional yeast;
1 tsp vanilla;
and optionally, 1 tsp cornstarch, if you like your breadskins exxxtra-crispy.
-that's all there is to it, guys.
dredge it up, make sure the sauce seeps in,
and then pan-fry those guys in butterishness 
until they look like french toast is s'posed to.
finished with sliced banana, 
real maple syrup, because i am not an A*-hole,
and a little kapowdered sugar to pretty it up a pinch for the picture......
you know that was the hottness, 
and the fuel for the morning's cold wintry walk with crabtree.
dogs are less fun in the winter, unless they're pulling a sled,
in which case,
they're your car, and that doesn't count.
i ate some weirdie meatlessness, too.
i did.
organic sausages, applewood brekkie somethin'-or-others,
and canadian-style pinky baconical circles of unspecified plant protein.
i don't always ,make the best choices, 
and sometimes i succumb to some first-year-vegan sh!t.
that was especially funny to me, kids.
if you know, you know.
if you don't?
go vegan, and you will.
you see those potatoes?
holy sh!tnuts, they are flippin' crawnchy!!!
baked until browned and crisp,
and tossed into a pan with caramelized red onion and a little texas ho'sauce,
plus a modicum of smoked paprika, 
and some GPOP, obvi.
scallion spranx complete the look, 
and the crunch, 
and the mega-dleiciousness.
i've been portioning tofu in strange ways.
what i mean is-
i always seem to have some of a block just hanging around.
since when do i not just make a whole brick of that beany bomberella?
um, for about two weeks, i guess.
the thing of it is, if i have some, i'm gonna use some.
and what's a breakfast without some scrambo anyway??
word up, 
rules is rules.
so i freaked it off a baby bit with some ranchero-ish jauns,
and boy-oh-boy was that a good idea.
mexico tofu and french toast, 
i do that.
what's in the rancheros?
cumin, GPOP, coriander seed, smoked paprika, turmeric, 
oregano, salt, olive oil, 
and a bunch of fresh sh!t, too-
chopped red onion, jalapeno, tomato,
and cilantro sprankles to take it to eleven.
THAT'S how breakfast gets activated around these parts, bro.
i think i might be getting the hang of this food thing.
back in the day, i cooked a lot, 
i had the weakest of sauce for a live-in mealtime partner.
i probably could've guessed that never eating onions, 
burning everything intentionally,
and dousing everything with hot sauce like a poor person
weren't the food habits of a partner i could build a lasting future with.....
and that was certainly true.
after a time, 
i met an adventurous eater,
and we shared thousands of far better meals,
and had a far better time doing it, than i had previously perceived as possible.
there's a whole lot of life to live away from the kitchen table,
and that ruined the scene all over again....
womp womp.
i do my dirt all by my lonely, homie;
and i've gotta say,
the food game is better than its ever been,
albeit at the expense of every other brighter spot.
fair trade you say?
fair enough, i reply.
if everything turns to sh!t eventually anyway,
i'd prefer it be due to digestion rather than depression- least i get some nutrients this way;
never quiet, never soft.....

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