Thursday, December 15


hey, guys.
i like mexican food a whole bunch.
i really do.
so much so that back-to-back mealtimes,
steeped in the luscious and loving traditions 
of americanized AND veganized approximations of sabrosa,
were a no-brainer; 
even as i was making more and more and more,
i knew i was making the right call-
after all,
too much is the right amount.
that's no joke.
after a three'-chee' quesadilla brings the ruckus,
what's the encore?
tubos of tremendously terrific taste and texture,
served hot and stuffed to the tips with all the good stuff?
check the tubo-tuesday-type teleport:
my mexican manicotti are what you need!
a shmear of expert cashew-garlic-tofu innerchee',
a dash of daiya mozzarella,
ho'sauced nootch-boosted custom buttery refrieds (obvi).
if ampy d left one lasting legacy behind,
here in the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress,
it was an avowed love of the refrieds.....
she may be long gone, but i've got these beans to forever console me.
seitan asada strips are up in there, too, duders.
homemade seitan seared up in olive oil, with sweet onion, jalapeno, 
cumin, GPOP, cayenne, smoked paprika, oregano, basil, 
black pepper, crushed coriander seed, ancho chili, and garlic?!?!
so dope.
lightly crusted in caramelized spice, but soft in the centers,
and in the center of the whole enchilada?
plus, scallion, and cilantro leaves, and a baby bit of minced sweet onion, too.
THAT'S the way you wrap it up, b.
in a flour tortillas, packed in a pan, and doused in custom quick-gravy.
if you aren't gravy-ing your jauns, you are ab-so-lutely F*ing it up.
vegan butts and flour, 2 tablespoons and four tablespoons,
barely browned in a pot, 
plus a few tablespoons of nootch, 
a generous shake of GPOP,
ad a cup and a half of broth gets you where you need to be.
stir it up on medium heat, until it's got the thickness with the quickness,
and pour it around and on and in-between those little logs of supreme sabor.
i bake 'em, covered, for about half an hour-
then, i bust off the foil, and slather 'em in sauce...
if your sauce is weak, you'll ruin everything.
and if you like weak sauce? ...that's cool for you,
but you're ruining everything.
i did up a ranchero-
1/2 an onion, chopped;
and 1/2 a jalapeno diced;
with 1 cup of crushed tomatoes;
smoked paprika, smoked cumin, red pepper flakes,
Garlic Powder and Onion Powder,
1 tsp tamari;
3 T nutritional yeast;
2 chopped red chilis;
and 1/4 cup warm water-
simmered and simmered some more, 
from the onset of the enchilada experience.
that's good stuff.
that got topped up, and popped back i the oven for another 'nother 15 minutes-
with sweet yellow pepper, pickled jalapenos, 
and cilantro sprankles on top?
my whole head was exploding with happiness.
that's a thing.
..........and there were MORE refrieds on the side, too-
those jammers are what i always want-
so, they're what i always get.
and with a side of arroz amarillo?!
i'm practically out-of-my-pants with satisfaction, man.
spiced rice, heavy on the turmeric, easy on the rest,
tossed with red onion and scallion and cilantro, 
and scattered around with a few tiny tomatoes-
before you can get a second forkful into your mouth,
you'll be lucha-libre hurricane-rana'ing everyone within reach.
that's how good it is.
yellow rice is easy.
so easy, i bet you can figure it out without a recipe?
i guess we'll see.
i spent all day yesterday cooking my A* off.
i'm serious.
because i LOVE good food, 
and it's the saving grace for my face.
with the holiday coming in hot,
and the present piles lookin' hella shystie, (at least in MY opinion)
there may have been other uses of my limited time,
but honestly, sometimes, 
there's just not a compelling argument to going out and browsing around
when you KNOW there's some new hottness right at your fingertips,
waiting to get activated on the stove top.
i mean, c'mon.
there's all these cookies an sh!t that aren't gonna bake themselves 
while i'm browsing at the lame-A* mall, y'all.
real talk.
i'll get it all done.
i have to.
rules is rules.
however, i'll be doing it powered by all the best new treats,
and that's gotta be the best way to go about it;
never quiet, never soft.....

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