Monday, December 12


i can't go too long without tuning-up a circle of sourdough semolina and sauce.
that's real.
my pizza count is as crucial as platelets and white blood cells and sh!t like that.
there's an acceptable threshold, and less than that is cause for alarm.
i'm sayin'-
i need it to survive and thrive.
a week without would have me at a disadvantage in almost every aspect of life.
i mean it.
pizza is the TRUTH.
and the truth will set your A* free.
i need a free A*, neighbors,
and so i need more pizza.
it's a sequence of unfolding cause-and-effect call-and-respond steps and procedures,
and in the end,
you get to eat a bunch of pizza,
and have a better life.
wordimus prime.
either you're about that pizza,
or you're about to be recused from talking about what's good in the world.
check out the straight-up-pizza-hottness-type teleport:

that sourdough really stays the course.
i'm just trying to tell you something about crispiness!
the regular yeast reactivates,
and allows the dough to expand to the edges of a pan,
but the sourdough has that stubborn gluten stranglehold,
and it keeps the finished product low and tight.
mm. mmm. mmmm.
i eschewed the cashew underchee'.
every once in a while, i go without.
that's a smart move.
on the ones,
without the bitter the sweet's just not as sweet.
and the genius of underlying cashew-garlic-tofu-nootchy protein power
can sometimes get overlooked,
or worse, taken for granted.
i noticed it was missing, not just because i intentionally left it off,
but also because i am a professional appreciator.
yes, that's right, i am.
and once you've chee'd it unnderneath,
there's really no going back to less.
sure, once in a while, a little reminder that less is not more,
and too much is the right amount,
is helpful, but i won't be making a habit of it.
i will be always effin' around with those homemade vegan sausages though, buddy.
and when you simmer those suckers in smoked paprika,
and soy sauce, and black pepper, and hot paprika,
and regular old red paprika, and olive oil???
you get PEPPERONI, and that's expert.
pepperoni pizza is what every kid draws.
it must be made, it must be consumed.
rules is rules.
i'm obvi only gonna do it without dead bodies,
because i am not an A*-hole.
...but i'm still gonna do it.
with daiya mozzarella;
and caramelized onions;
seared asparagus tips;
and quartered grape tomatoes, which i really can't get my fill of these days;
and broccoli florets, broth-braised in advance of the big bake?!!
what could be better than that?
did you just say: 'more'?!
you're right, of course.
which is why i hit it with a smattering of fried garlic sprankles.
i'm not F*ing about when it comes time to do pizza for dinner.
i keep the oven lit up at 470F,
and i put that pizza on a hot hot HOT stone.
sourdough takes longer to bake,
but that exxxtra five minutes is so worth it.
everything that's dope is worth it.
and if it's not dope?
do something better.
that's the right answer.
snow on snow on snow.
me and my little furry buddy, crabtree,
are about to go frolic and sh!t,
in the snowy wonderworld we woke up to.
i wonder if i should start a pot of soup or something,
to stay warm with once we return?
ANYthing could happen.
that's the best part about a snow day.
we're ready, and we're bundled up,
and there's the whole of the whole woodsly goodness,
the same, but subtly different under all this powder.
we're about to go on an adventure,
and i think neither of us is entirely thrilled by that;
never quiet, never soft.....

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