Saturday, December 3


cinnamon rolls are rad.
that's real.
i like to get into some of that cinnamon sugary gooey goodness
for breakfast, and maybe again for lunch,
and if, somehow, somethin' is left over?
i bet i'll be read to wreck those jauns before supper, too.
i think cinnamon rolls are the big action.
i don't always want the old standby standard, y'feel me?
i mean it.
i get an urge to freak it off,
and turn it up,
and get expert on some of that new-new.
i made some of the new hottness,
and i'm very happy to report that it was the biggest action i've baked in a bit.
check the choco-p.b-type teleport:

word up.
standard cinnamon activation was in full effect-
that's 3 cups of flour;
a pinch of gluten;
1/4 cup of sugar;
1 tsp vanilla;
1 cup non-dairy milk + half a stick of butts, warmed and melted together;
1 pkg regular yeast;
2 tsp fast bread-machine yeast;
kneaded for five and rested for ten,
then rolled flat into a rectangle.
awaiting the gooey glops of great taste and terrific texture headed towards your face.
you spread organic gritty smooth peanut butter down on the dough,
you flesh it out with a cinnamon-sugary regular-A* middle mixture
that's this:
a cup of brown sugar;
a big blast of cinnamon;
and dashes of nutmeg and ginger;
plus 4-5 T butts;
and a drizz' of vanilla.
creamed together and spread heavy.
i happened to have half a pastry bag of very rich chocolate frosting,
so i put three triple width stripes evenly across in lengthwise sections.
it all got rolled up,
and imprtantly, it also got refrigerated for ten minutes
before being cut up into a dozen spirals of pure sexxxiness.
all of those went in a square pan, lightly greased and gently floured,
in a 375F oven, for 25 minutes.
what went in was wonderful,
but what came out was the TRUTH!!!!
did i double glaze 'em?
oh, c'mon.
is too much the right amount?
is rules rules?
is one glaze enough?
dont be foolish.
of course i brought the two-tone triumph to the top.
vanilla icing,
aaaaaand cocoa-peanut-buttery glaze!!!!
that's almost 1/2 cup kapowdered sugar;
1 T peanut butts;
2 T cocoa;
1/2 tsp vanilla;
and drops of soymilk or whatever,
until it's squeezable spreadable out of the corner of a plastic baggie.
there it is.
you need this in your life,
lest your life look like sh!t, and your mouth taste like sh!t,
and your sh!ts not be composed of the cinnamony peanuy buttery
chocoluscious confection affection that you just witnessed.
get after it, guys.
time is a-wastin',
and these buns are for the tastin';
never quiet, never soft.....

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