Friday, December 9


lentils for your mentals,
& greens for your dreams.
i made some stuff that really hooked up my mouth,
and my mind,
and my whole life.
i'm serious.
a good simple, succulent, and sumptuous supper can
really boost all the levels of edible expertism
if you do it right. 
..and i do it to it like my reputation depends on it.
because really,
it does, doesn't it?
check the teleport:
that's a classic, veganized with a vendetta against boring food.
look at that soup, buddy!
how's that happen?
with water and heat.
don' be dumb, that's how soup works.
what's in it?
ah, better question.
one small diced onion;
one small diced carrot; 
one large diced stalk of celery;
three cloves of sliced garlic;
sauteed until brown in 1 T each olive oil and butterish-
deglazed with 2 T white wine vinegar,
and stirred up with 1 cup of green lentils;
that simmered for a few minutes,
to which one 12oz can of petite diced tomatoes was added;
spiced up with one bay leaf, oregano, GPOP, black pepper, basil, 
a handful of nutritional yeast, and a little sage; 
2 cups of broth;
a splash of soy sauce;
a drop of liquid smoke;
and a lotta simmering on medium-low heat-
i started the soup early, and it got better as the day went on.
i finished it up with some parsley sprankles,
and then i really turned up the eliteness 
by gettin' sexxxy with those homemade croutons!!!
yeah, neighbors.
crunchy homemade sourdough crusts, cubed up,
and tossed in a plastic baggie with Garlic Powder Onion Powder,
nootch, dill, black pepper, ground mustard seed, rosemary, sage, 
fire-roasted tomato flakes, and olive oil enough to coat and soak 
and otherwise adhere the seasonin's to the surface of that sour dopeness
y'just shake it up, bake 'em up, and boom, croutons.
let's talk about that mutha-'ucking SALAD, buddy.
baby kale, shredded purple cabbage and red radicchio,
cucumber quarters, yellow carrot sticks, cilantro, 
radishes, pea tendrils, and tomatoes,
with some of those croutons,
and mixed red microgreens (radish/amaranth/collard/beet/broccoli),
caramelized red onion spranx, tossed in oil with toasted cashews;
twice-roasted red and gold beets (the second roast makes them 0% dirt-tasting)
and some of those exxxtra-sexxxy agave-glazed tempeh medallions!
tossed in a white balsamic and citrus vinaigrette????
that's 2:1:1:1 ratio white balsamic/o.j../lime/olive oil;
i'm over here eating myself to death with healthy food.
it's probably gonna take a while,
but that just means more delicious dishes for your boy,
right up until i burst at the seams.
i'm ready to go,
but the only place i'm headed to is the stove.
that's the thing about radical vegan involvement in the day-to-daily doings
that nourish my flourishing physical form-
you gotta cook a LOT.
that's not a problem, it's active participation,
and that's the right way to spend your time.
it's all really happening,
and i'm serving myself inhuman portions.
i don't want to waste any,
and i don't want leftovers.
too much is the right amount,
and that's the adage i live by these days;
never quiet, never soft.....

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