Wednesday, December 28


do you like waffles?
yeah, we like waffles!
do you like real maple syrup?
what are you?
 an A*-hole?
of COURSE we like real maple syrup.
this is new england.
this is new hampshire.
this is Folk Life & Liberty.
that syrupy maple jauns is every bit as essential as my maple child.
harvest and maple and i know the rules of XI-mas.
and among the first rules on the charter
is the one that says we have to have the big breakfast.
the big deluxe is key to appreciating the rest of the day.
y'feel me?
it's a thing.
and this time around it was waffles and syrup and scrambo, too.
check the mutha-'ucking massive-morning-type teleport:
that's that big badaBOOOOM!
coconut oatmeal waffles,
complimented by coconut vanilla breakfast tea,
activated with a b!tchslap of treesap sugarsauce,
and turned right on up to eleven with sugared candy almond sprankles!!!!
sliced almonds, toasted in a hot pan with a pat of butts,
splashed with a few drops of vanilla and almond extracts,
dumped into kapowdered sugar, 
and tossed around for that instant flash-glazed goodness.
that's IT.
too much is the right amount.
that's the way we do it to it.
y'wanna know what's IN these waffles?
1 1/4 cup flour
1/2 cup oat flour (freshly ground)
1/3 cup ground unsweetened coconut
1 T bakey kapowder
1/2 tsp salt
1 1/2 tsp vanilla
3 heaping T sugar
3 T vegan sour cream
4+ T melted butts
1 1/2 cup soymilk curdled with 2 T lemon juice
^^^everything added together in that order,
and gently folded into a battery bowl of blops,
and then rested for as long as possible, 
while the waffle iron heats up and the rest of it gets prepared.
fried tomatoes have become a staple of our mornings. 
because they're delicious.
...don't be dumb.
 and that scrambo?
GPOP, turmeric, red onion, nootch, black pepper, and smoked paprika, in olive oil,
on low heat, forever and ever,
had that undrained exxxtra-firm tofu turnt to the maxxx.
that's for realsies.
i think i like breakfast because it requires the least attention to measurements.
if the tofu looks dry, i hit it with a splash of broth, maybe.
if the batter looks to thick, 
i just add more soymilk.
i love it when it works out well.
those skin on small cubes of roasted potato homeboyfries??
the precookin' keeps the moosh away,
and that's such a good thing.
a couple scallion spranks,
a little buttery sauteed red onion, 
a whole lotta smoked and regular and hot paprika,
black pepper, ho'sauce, and GPOP (obvi)
the big breakfast is the best.
and we really elevated the experience with that upper left corner.
that 11o'clock spot on the plate is placed there 
because that's the exact level it's on, bro.
all that breakfast food,
AND blackberry jammie-jam cinnamon rolls??!!??1
if there's not an overabundance of hottness,
it's like we did it wrong, and no good will come of it.
...and that's not how we do family togetherness, at all.
we find our common ground, me and my kids.
it happens in the car,
with crabtree riding copilot, 
and these dudes getting chauffeured through the hills 
and valleys of the woodsly goodness,
while we blast a bop or two, and rock out as a team.
it happens at the table, too-
where my open-minded and adventurous offspring
are happily exposed to new and different considerately-constructed
compassionately-created cruelty-free cuisine,
made prettily, and pretty tastily, 
with me and them and us all involved.
that's what i've always wanted for my vacation-time family.
i mean,
we only get a little bit of time to span,
so we do our best to make it the best.
and honestly,
it's really very easy with a couple of kids like these.
that's no joke.
i am grateful for the time we get as a trio.
it's truly the brightest spot in all this dark.
we're eating, singing, dancing, laughing, and having one heck of a time.
there's not enough of it,
so we're making the most of it,
and it's ALL really happening,
which i s'pose is the whole point;
never quiet, never soft.....

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