Wednesday, December 7


it's just so dark out all the time.
it's not news, really.
every single year, time come and goes a little faster,
and the dark, while consistently deep, and uniformly unwelcome,
seems longer.
maybe because, as time races away,
it shows up sooner than expected, despite the schedule being constant.
i dunno.
but, i do know that it makes me want to bury myself in hot, hearty food.
y'know the term fat and happy?
well, i think the best i can achieve is half of that.
how will i go about thickeing my middle up?
how about black rice ramen noodles on that organic tip?
all the veggies,
and twice the hottness?
heck yes.
greens and sprouts,
both hot and cold?
you know it, neighbors.
what's the haps at suppertime in the woodsly goodness?
i think it's noodz, bro.
sending noodz to my bellyhole,
and taking dumps on my face!!
check the teleport:

shredded fresh dark purple cabbage on the bottom,
black noodoo jauns on top.
with pea tendrils, cucumber spears,
and sesame-oil and soy-glazed carrots, onions, and purple brussies,
braised in seitan broth!!
not to mention red and green chili peppers, crispy and molto hot.
with soy-and-sesame-seeded seared cauliflower,
and mixed red microgreens!!!
y'know what stole the show, though, guys?
those agave-tinged tempeh medallions!
soaked all day in a seitan-broth and rice wine, soy, and liquid smoke marinade,
and pan fried until perfect on both sides?
you need that.
i used GPOP, ground mustard, crushed coriander seed, fresh garlic, and agave,
and let 'em soak in it from morning until night.
what a victory for my mouth to enjoy.
cilantro and scallion sprankles, too?
rules is rules, buddy.
you know what's up.
that's a big bowl of goodness.
it's actually a double serving of the ramen, and a ton of everything else....
too much is the right amount,
and that meant i also had to activate a whole panful of DUMPLINGS!!!!
wordimus prime.
50/50 wheat and brown rice dump skins,
with whole toasted flax seeds for added awesome,
full to bursting with the tempeh trimmings, cabbage, carrot, onion and garlic.
i make 'plings pretty often these days, so i'll spare you all the repetitive deets,
but suffice to say-
they ruled, the sauces were bosslike and in charge of being dope,
and i overstuffed them, and they overstuffed me.
together me and my dumps took the evening's repast
straightaway to a loud, fresh, hard eleven.
sugar, ho'sauce, sesame oil, tamari, rice wine vinegar, GPOP,
scallions, ginger, and a dash of water.
that's the sauce.
no precision, just drips and drops
until it looked like something i'd drizzle into a dumplin'.
if i can do it, you can do it.
so, do it.
today is my dad's berfday.
and he's old, now.
for real, even.
i s'pose i'll call the dude,
and wish him a happy happy.
it's just slightly more tha the literal least i could do.
today is pearl harbor day.
as a twofer,
maybe i'll torpedo him,
kamikaze myself down into connecticut,
and then declare war from the wreckage of my vehicle?
i've got too much dog walking looming over me,
in the driving snow,
to spend time any exxxtra time driving my car.
there's plenty of divine wind whipping these flakes,
awaiting my face out in the woodsly goodsly unsafe spaces, anyway,
so i guess, even without a surprise attack,.
i'm still sinking before the day is done.
hard styles and bitter cold-
heavy on the bitter, it seems.
today is that day, and that's What Is;
never quiet, never soft.....

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