Monday, December 12


it's snowing.
a lot.
i'd almost forgot how much it usually does that up here
in the mountainous new englandy northern woodsly goodness-
i mean,
last year was super-turbo awesome.
mild temperatures, almost no snow,
no ruiner tourists and second-home suckholes skiing around every weekened.
it was great.
the exception is never the rule.
that should be obvious.
it is to me, for sure-
on the ones,
i just so happen to know that rules is rules,
and hard styles always seem harder after a soft spot gets exploited.
last year, we all got soft up here.
and this year, the pricetag seems twice as steep for all our past winter freedom . now we're all just gonna freeze to death.
it's twice as cold,
and it's already snowed twice as much,
and today is another 'nother day of frozen wasteland pre-winter punch-out
powder-packin' snowfall and ferocious icy abominable blizzard wizardry.
word up.
the good news?
a snow day means ANYthing can happen.
that's exciting.
also exciting are the cookies i keep creating in the mad-weird
mad-science foodstuff laboratory of the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress!
i made a linzertorte last week.
it was delightful- maybe you saw/read/tried it?
oh. okay.
moving on,
i had some dough left over.
the recipe is here.
i rolled it right out,
after that preposterously prolonged relaxed refrigeration,
and cut it into little itty-bitty cookies,
with kyooooooot hearts cut outta the centers....
i like the nicey-nice, and i produce it whenever possible.
check the linzer-tye teleport:

two inch circles of crawnchy crispy buttery bite-sized almond and lemon hottness,
filled two different ways,
because too much is the right amount.
they only needed baking for like 11 minutes at 375F,
and they cooled off while i walked my F*ing dog
through the streets and trails of my all-the-more familiar neighborhood-
...crabtree the shark-bullet-alligator terrier is a workout in and of himself...
and when i got home,
after a mr. rogers' style costume change,
i got into the finishing moves for these fragile little freshies.
half of 'em got coconut frosting
(i nearly always have more frosting than cake,
which happily means MORE frosting for other things)
and strawberry jammie-jam.
coconut strawberry is the business, and mixed up with that cookie magic?
holy sh!t.
you want that in your mouth.
and that was only phase one.
phase two had me hittin' half up with maple-cider creamchee' frosting,
and filling in the center with black currant preserves!
what a delicious usage of all that exxxtra stuff.
i felt good about utilizing all the remaining bits and pieces.
i don't enjoy wasting food-
i just also don't get into leftovers.
i want the NEW hottness, not that used and busted old has-been jaun.
these fit the bill nicely,
with repurposing making something novel from prior successes.
i want cookies all the time, anyway.
and i get right after a new batch every couple of days.
MORE cookies makes me MORE tolerable to be around,
and that's before i even offer to share any.
it's a snow day.
like i said.
it's really dumping down.
the accumulation is rapid,
the quiet of the forest realm is complete,
and the bright full-moon-ish night lights have given over
to an insistent grayness that defies daytime,
and really makes it seem like the immediate surroundings of woodsly goodness
are swathed and swaddled in surreal softness.
maybe there will be work to do in town today
maybe not.
wherever i am, though,
there's always work to be done,
so whether it's compensated with fat stacks of movie checks,
of appreciated by fat stacks of seitan steaks,
i'll be gettin' it as hard as i can.
it's a new day, and the slate is white-washed by drifts of bright white delight;
never quiet, never soft.....

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