Thursday, January 26


little panniecakes?
you bet!
because that means there are MORE of them.
check the teleport:

i think i need more small circle cutters.
no, i'm serious.
one of each size is great for cookies,
it makes for a very time consuming effort when used as a pancake form.
here's the thing, though-
little 'cakes are too dang cute!
so i s'pose it's worth the extended expended time.
i mean,
i wouldn't wanna eat ugly pannies, man.
would you?
don't sell yourself short.
they're oatmeal coconut jauns, as always.
rules is rules,
and i've refined my defining pancake scene to the point
where these are a signature breakfast item in the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress.
a fixture, you could say.
a mainstay, even.
you want to give it a shot?
try this:
1 cup a.p. flour;
1/2 tsp salt;
1/2 cup freshly-ground whole rolled oat flour;
1/4 cup fresh-ground unsweetened unsulphured coconut flakes;
1 tsp baking powder;
1 tsp baking soda;
3-4 T sugar;
2 T vegan sour cream;
3 T melted vegan butter;
1 cup soymilk + 2 T lemon juice;
1 tsp vanilla.
-you'd better get ready, because these tasty bits will change your dietary reality.
no jokes.
you whisk the dry,
you add the wet, you gently combine it all,
and then you rest it.
it will thicken a LOT. oats are thirsty
you will need to add more soymilk before you pour it.
you should't just add it before you rest it.
it'll soak up whatever you add, so save some for later.
how much?
i dunno, man. how thick do you like your 'cakes?
use your head, neighbors.
grease your griddle between flips,
and always lube up your forms, if you're making shapey ones.
that's my advice, take it or leave it.
and what's the sweet sauce always got to be?
real-deal grade B maple syrup.
the thickest, mapliest, most intense stuff to drip it's sappy sentiments,
sans sediments, from the side of a tree.
my potato game is precise these days.
pre-roasted skin-on diced 'tatoes,
olive-oiled, salted, and blasted with black pepper,
added to diced onion, GPOP, ho'sauce, smoked paprika,
regular ol' paprika, and a little more black pepper,
i love that stuff.
and for the record,
if you ain't about those green onion scallion sprankles?
you've missed the whole point completely.
you need to try that tofu scrambo ranchero deluxxxo!
i did a new thing(s).
for starters,
there's less crumble on the 'fu,
i sauteed the onion, and the peppers, and then the tomatoes, in that order,
in one pan, separately from the tofu.
and that tofu got ho'sauce.
and it got GPOP.
and naturally, there's turmeric turning it scrambotone, too.
there's also oregano, and nootch,
and red chili,
and a dash of coriander seed,
plus a leaf or two of fresh torn basil.
and when the two forces were united,
the juice from the veg soaked right into the thirsty scramborghini,
and the whole things became a force for empowered breakfast magic.
don't forget to activate the cilantro spranks.
on the real-
rules is rules, man.
there you go.
one expert luxury breakfast bonanza.
all told, it took some time.
it's a worthy investment, but i'll be honest-
i had several other irons in the fire at the same time.
no sense in wasting energy,
and momentum,
waiting around for all those pancakes to cook one at a time.
i'm a busy boy on my single day away from the studio.
i don't have the comfort of double days in a row to do as i please,
so i do what i can,
as hard as i can,
whenever i can.
frivolity can go eff itself,
i've got things to DO;
never quiet, never soft.....

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Beznarf27 said...

Yes. Right there. YES. Except for the maple syrup bit. I really don't get how American's eat it on savoury things. It's like sweet and sour sauce. It's just NO. Back to this breakfast. Delicious possibilities. Making it tomorrow morning and I am sure my little farthest flung vegan kitchen on a meandering river in Tasmania will be awash with the glory of it. It shall be adored, then eaten with gusto (No...gusto isn't one of our dogs but he should be! Note to self "name your next dog Gusto")