Thursday, January 12


oh MAN!
it takes a little minute for sourdough to get stale.
i mean,
it's got high hydration to begin with,
and those little lactic bacilli that activate the rising and the sour tangy zing
seem to work hard to keep all the normal airborne bread ruiners away.
it's basically the best.
like, for example, let's say after a nine-day exxxtended sandwich week,
during which toast consumption is at an all time low,
and the remainders of a few loaves go undevoured,
there are enough slices left over to do something dope with.
in this instance,
with my bestest bud, and a day off together,
it was high time for some burly, buttery french toast.
check the teleport:

white-on-white sourdough bread! chewy, crusty, light in the center,
browned on both sides-
all the stuff you want in french-style toast.
the soak that saturates their skins is what's UP.
soymilk, about a cup or so,
whisked with 2 T ground flaxmeal/ground chia,
a tsp lemon juice,
cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and allspice,
plus a spoonful of nutritional yeast????
when that sits, and the flax gets going, and the chia blooms,
you've got a protein-rich batter that makes those
tasty toast times turn up to eleven.
no foolin'.
dipped on both sides,
it's especially effective, because it's not egg-based.
it doesn't just fry up.
it steams through!
the bread, despite being stale, is impaled by vapors that season up
and suss out any weak sauce, replacing it with barbarian boomfire.
that's real.
how much butterish do i plop in that medium-high heat pan first?
a LOT.
buttery pats that push the limits of kitchenly wisdom?
just to let that batter know we ain't no punk b!tches.
look at the results, man.
this isn't just some silly business-
this is BRUNCH.
how do we make that even more decadent and delicious and devastatingly dope?
we add even more hottness.
real maple syrup first,
followed by a scoople of black currant jam.
fresh sliced strawberries?
c'mon, kids. that's fresh on top of fresh,
like public enemy and the beastie boys in '88.
anything else?
kapowdered sugar sprankles.
you know we gotta- rules is rules.
the scrambo is standard,
but the micros and the tomatoes make it molto better.
i find that not draining my tofu first makes the scramz more believable.
with Garlic Powder and Onion Powder, and a little nutritional yeast,
salt, pepper, turmeric, and a touch of smoked paprika,
those tofu crumbles are crucial,
but when you upgrade 'em with fresh veg to mix in?
and maybe a little brightness from a pinch of chopped cilantro?!
that's a whole new and improved experience.
i like improvements.
and since we're speaking of improving,
lemme tell you about that HASH:
i had two squares of cornmeal-crusted celery-and-caraway seeded tempeh
left over from sandwich week awaiting reactivation in the fridge.
i did that.
cubed up small, and tossed into a buttered up skillet,
with some prebaked, crispy, crunchy, roasted skin-on chef's white potatoes,
and a half a red onion, generous GPOPpage,
black pepper, a tsp of hungarian hot paprika, a tsp of smoked paprika
an accidental shake of turmeric,
(too many pans going off at once can distract even the most-concentrated mind)
two jiggles of texas-style ho'sauce,
and finished with scallion and parsley sprankles.
gosh-dang-it, bro.
the crunch takes it to the limit,
the tempeh pushes it over,
and the spranks make it fly.
that's expert.
wednesdays are for creating.
and wednesdays with my brother,
the dude-guy whom i like the more than most others in this world,
with big brunch, and bright sunshine, and hours of battle rap,
are kind of the best way to create a lot.
including lasting interpersonal connections,
and rapidly disappearing bakery-style confections.
days of with your dudes are for hanging out.
it's family togetherness,
by choice, and by design,
with perhaps the most synergistic sunovab!tch that
i've ever had the pleasure to span time with.
i am grateful for these moments.
i know better than to take them for granted,
and i know enough to take full advantage when they're all really happening.
the time we have is more valuable than the actual minutes that tick past.
best friendship, and commonality,
are the two most precious pieces
of our overlapping concentric circles of spirit and memory.
if you don't have that?
then you are really missing out;
never quiet, never soft.....

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