Tuesday, January 17


when my main man is about to bounce,
one last time;
and this time, it may be for the very last time-
i can't have him sent off like a sucka.
no way.
the spirit and memory of worthy warrior poetry,
of gratitude and generosity,
of the past and the present,
and of the virtuous viking values that i espouse in my house
demand that i feast my friend before the farewell flight
from the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress.
rules is rules.
and what better way to activate some next-level bye bye boomfire
than to really overindulge in an epic shark-gluttonous
burly barbarian brouhaha of savage, stormswept,
super-expert vegan sushi??
word the F* up.
what happens when there's basically two of me?
two times too much is twice the right amount!!!
check the gargantuan-goodbye-type teleport:

HOLY SH!!!!!!!T!!!!!
you think you eff with sushi heavy in these streets?
what are you?
quit playin' around and get your head into the game, son!
me and my bestest friend PUT IT DOWN for dinner.
that's no joke.
the cucch is NOT a diaperbaby,
and, on the real,
i'm sorta something of a superior shark-glutton myself.
and when we were done?
we were ALL DONE, SON!
the only thing left were the empty edamame pods.
that's right.
we powered down those poppin' beans,
and moved on to the sesame-sossamon-scallion cucumber snap pea salad.
side orders are essential,
especially if you're sending a message to to your stomach.
that's no joke.
a little exxxtra lets that bellyhole know this is the real deal,
and not snacktime playtime.
did i go back to beet-dyed rice?
i sure did.
you know why?
because that's dope. duh.
we freaked it off with inside outties,
and then took it to eleven with some of that new-new.
what do you know about fennel, blood orange, and carrot rolls?
here's all the info you need:
damn, that was a good one.
the more traditional jauns were good, too.
*i mean,
we had avocado, cucumber, carrot and cilantro, in that beet-pink rice.
that one was elite
*there was baked tofu, radish, carrot, and pea tendrils.
no weak sauce in there, not even one little teeny tiny little bit.
*beet-ricey tofu, roasted beet chips, radishes, and frisee lettuce,
with radish wedges to top 'em,
AND a dollop of the fresh custom turmeric-smoked paprika mayo!!!
that sh!t is the TRUTH!!

*avocado, carrot, cucumber inside-outside sossamon-sprankled
sexxxiness is good,
but that SAUCE makes it experte'!
*and speaking of inside-outsies;
the tofu, carrot, cucumber, and pea tendril jauns
were definitely elevated to a whole other other 'nother level
with a liberal application of fire-roasted tomato sprankles!!!
*beetroot cuteness is certainly the stuff,
but sriracha mayo makes it even better-
asparagus, tofu, and carrot? that's pretty good, but,
it needs the sauce.
*asparagus, cucumber, carrot, and shredded snow pea?!?!
that's already got the crawnchy stuff,
but, then when you add the sauce?
it's also got the spice!.
check it:

is that cool?
i thought so.
after a couple of hours making sushi,
i couldn't tell my A*-hole from my sashimi,
if you know what i mean.
if you know what i mean, could you tell me?
i'm feeling the full effects of a soy sauce overload on my system.
we ate every last bite,
AND we had dessert.
we don't bring no weak sh!t to our goodbyes, bruhbruh.
and the fullest of bellies may give us a slight escape
from the big empty space left behind when we part ways.
we ate too much.
we ate like victorious kings.
we ate it together,
we made it together,
we spanned time as a tandem tag-team.
a big feast was the right move.
that's quality time.
we had nothing but north atlanta trap as the soundtrack,
but that only made the whole scene so much more awesome.
i am always grateful for the time i have been given.
you get what you get,
and you shouldn't get upset.
it's all really happening,
and the best parts are happening right now;
never quiet, never soft.....

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