Sunday, January 1


welcome to the future, friends.
it's another 'nother whole new year, again,
and we're right at the start of it,
all of us,
all together,
ready or not,
and it's all really happening,
starting NOW.
we stayed up,
we sat in silence for the last stretch of last year,
and when the clock turned,
we said the magic mother-effing words, man.
that's right.
harvest, maple, and myself all shouted it out loud.
that polysyllabic sorcery for focused fortune
and cultivated coincidences.
you know how it goes, neighbors-
rabbit! rabbit!
that's it.
i got home from work early.
my last client was a no-show,
which i found to be a somehow fitting farewell to the year in skin.
when i got in-
we got into it, and we got molto busy with our big business.
we drank seltzers and tea.
we chopped veggies.
we stirred sauces.
and we did it as a team, together,
a family of active participants actively participating.
and what was on the agenda for the evening?
the usual.
a fond, fabulous, final feast for the year and the trip.
a bonfuego to burn all the combustibles stockpiled over the fall-winter season,
a movie,
the magic words,
and martinelli's sparkling cider,
because it's okay not to drink, especially if you're not an A*-hole.
the dinner was so choice though.
i mean,
a loud level-eleven blaring blast of super-elite hottness,
fresh from our bamboo mat to the plates to our slavering mouths.
word up.
how did we say adios to the year?
with radical vegan beet-dyed heroic sushi rolls!!!!
check the teleport:

c'mon, man.
that's what's up.
red beets in one pot,
golden beets in the other,
and short-grain sushi-specific nishiki wizardry doing it's best
to soak in all the color,
and stick together with a splash of rice wine vinegar.
i think we pulled it off like pros, bros.
i'm just sayin'-
accompanied by edamame with the big sea salt crystals?
that's good stuff.
with coo, crisp garnishes, but no wasabi.
these kids don't eff with that horse(radi)sh!t.
even without it, we won hard on the way out.
inari- soy and sesame marinated baked tofu did the trick.
baked sweet potato has all of what you want going for it.
and the rest?
avocado is dope,
and asparagus is intricate,
and carrots are crunchy,
and cilantro is refreshing,
and cucumbers are cool,
and microgreens are cute and zesty,
and pea shoots are powerful,
and radishes are spicy,
and sesame sossamons are the path to expertism.
no joke.
we got the soy sauce.
we got the smoked paprika-turmeric-vegenaise sauce.
we even got the spicy sriracha mayo jauns in full effect.
as a matter of fact,
we essentially brought the F*ing laser-guided futuristic boom-boom balloon
remix down from the aether, and right into the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress.
real talk.
too much is the right amount,
and six big rolls of the TRUTH didn't let the three of us down in that regard.
not one little teeny tiny little bit.
am i underselling it?
i hope not.
ALL the color.
ALL the texture.
ALL the flavor.
BIG tastes an BIG portions and BIG presentation.
we doo-doo ALL that fancy sh!t,
because me and mine are a squadron of worthy warrior-poets.
that's no joke.
sparring with new ideas, and mastering language while we master our appetites
and muster our strength for long nights and last nights and first nights and long drives.
this is What Is, unfolding along with the first page of the new calendar.
oh. no that's not all.
i think i may have mentioned a fire?

what a blaze!
the snow had to be cleared,
and what remained melted away in the forcefully-fed
and conflagrated greatness of our burn-pit and our boxes and bags-
every fire is built on fuel,
and we powered up a whole room's worth of recyclables.
out with old, in ablaze of semi-toxic smoke and vapors.
there's just one more thing to mention:
i am grateful for the time we've spanned.
it's necessary,
it's curative,
and formative,
and foundational,
and fundamentally the best part of my woodsly goodsly Folk Life.
today is the day.
the first of the year.
the last of our time as a trio for a while.
happy-sad is the way i feel most of the time.
i'm starting this year the way i left the last one, i s'pose.
we've got a few hours still, and i aim to make them count.
thanks for reading, friends.
and happy new year to you;
never quiet, never soft.....

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