Tuesday, January 10


waking up to treats?
i bet that's nicey-nice.
i'm the one making the treats,
so i gotta get up exxxtra-early,
and get it together.
here's the thing-
my best broski-mo is here.
the cucch is in the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress,
and that means we gotta eat especially expert.
like molto molto,
because that's a celebration, a special occasion, a big effing deal.
and big deals call for super delights.
no foolin'.
what's one of the big big deals in my early morning repertoire?
cinnamon bunzos, bro.
and what can we do to upgrade them into an eleven-level experience?
how about creamchee' and coconut?
that's IT.
check the teleport:

one large rectangular pan,
and one dozen spirals of super-elite gooey goodness.
so rad.
what's up with that?
well, i had 6 T vegan butts;
1 tsp cinnamon;
a pinch of ginger, nutmeg, and allspice;
1/2 cup medium flake unsweetened coconut;
and a cuppish of brown sugar;
a splash of vanilla.
that's a mooshy mess for the middle.
and a shmear of vegan creamchee',
spread down first on some exquisite dough.
you'd better believe it.
check it-
3 cups flour;
1 T wheat gluten;
1/4 cup sugar;
1/2 tsp salt;
2 T golden flaxmeal;
1/4 cup ground coconut;
1 pkg regular-action yeast.
to that, we add:
1 cup warm soymilk;
2 tsp vanilla;
4 T melted butts;
12 tsp bread-machine yeast, activated in that wet bath.
in a stand mixer, it gets beat up for 5 minutes-
the whole of it is one thick, sweet, and ferociously rich flaky dough.
let it rise for 30 minutes-
roll it out, spread the middle magic in there, and roll it up.
cut it in half after a brief rest,
and cut those halves in half,
and cut those quarters into thirds.
let 'em sit, sexy side up, in a parchment-lined brownie pan,
and then bake the heck out of 'em for 30 minutes at 375F.
when they've cooled enough,
y'gotta glaze 'em.
rules is rules.
the glaze i chose?
2 T creamchee';
1/2 cup powdered sugar;
and a splash of vanilla...
with just enough non-dairy milk to make it smooth,
but still super-thick as heck.
that's some seriously righteous stuff.
too much is the right amount.
i also dropped down some toasted coconut sprankles.
that's the way to do it right.
more is better.
more is the way.
more is what we need.
the object,
especially if it's already and big and beautiful,
is to do MORE.
pull apart moist magical swirls of buttery, gooey, chewy,
browned and blissful bits and pieces.
that's what's good in these streets.
get yourself your own treats.
wake up, get started, and never settle for less than the best.
make it better, make it often,
and make it yourself;
never quiet, never soft.....

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