Thursday, January 19


silken tofu is pretty good,
because it's basically soybean pudding.
it's so wet and soft and smooth!
and as the base of my custom chocolate coconut creme pie,
it's the ideal filling.
i made another 'nother one.
i'm good for a few a year,
and every single time, i'm always very excited to munch it up.
i mean, chocolate AND coconut?
that's a winner.
and when i'm winning?
i really like for it to be a rout, a landslide, and an overwhelming blowout.
that's why i OVERdo it whenever i do it to it-
too much is the right amount.
that's the way i prefer to interact with my sugary desserts.
word up.
what does that hold in store, then,
when silken tofu is so bland tasting and smooth-feeling when it's on it's own?
a whole helluva lot of chocolate and a whole heck-ton of coconut, too.
check the teleport:

you need a slice or three of this.
i had a slice or three, and i need a few more.
something is different this time around,
and i mean that in the best way.
here's how to recreate it, if you're so inclined:
1 1/2 pkg graham crax;
2 T sugar;
3 T cocoa;
^crushed coarsely in a food processor (or by hand if that's your thing)
3 T melted vegan butter (or coconut oil or whatever);
1 tsp vanilla;
non-dairy milk, T after T,
until the whole of it sticks when pressed together lightly.
that's the crust.
push it, poke it, form it around a pie pan,
and then bake it for 11 minutes at 350F.
the filling is pretty straightforward, too.
1/2 cup coconut (the good stuff, unsulfured, unsweetened)
1 pkg pressed and drained silken tofu;
1/4 cup powdered sugar
2 T arrowroot
all of that gets pureed together,
and then whipped into a dream of dopeness by adding in:
1 pkg chocolate chips (12oz)melted with 2 T non-dairy milk and 1 tsp vanilla.
drop it in your semi-cooled crust, and let it all sort of just gel at room temp.
from there, you gotta hook it up, for sure-
ugly food can't come over to our house.
serve it cold, like revenge, but decorate it at a tepid temp,
so the chocolate gets all ooey-gooey at the edges.
this one has a whole bunch of exxxtras.
 if we're being honest, i can't really resist adding 'em.
check it-
i got coconut sprankles. obvi.
i got the HOTTNESS!!
oh, in the form of chocolate-covered toasted coconut chips!!
every time i find 'em, i buy 100%.
y'gotta have back-ups of big business that blazin', bro.
real talk.
and i got the coconut frosting fringe along the edges,
accented with cocoa dust!
if you aren't activating levels and layers of taste?
and if you haven't got complex cooperatives of texture?
you're doing it wrong,
and i suggest you straighten yourself out.
crushed up coconut within,
all sorts of coconut throughout,
and chocolate assisting along every step of the way.
that's expert.
i'm home all alone again, again.
my dog and i are sharing the space as best we can,
he is so delighted to have company that he gets depressed when they're gone.
i'm serious.
crabtree can sleep all day and night,
knowing that there's somebody here to keep me occupied.
the sound of two voices is a lullaby,
the silence of me staying home alone is a stimulant.
his terrible terrier brain turns up the terrorism the instant it's juts he and i.
what a total A*-hole.
i s'pose that's what i love about him.
he is forcing me to adapt and become adept at navigating distractions.
it's working, sort of, and we're getting along, mostly,
and in-between we're walking, and cruising,
and hanging out as a couple of aggressively emotional beings.
we feel everything too much,
and we act on everything too often,
and we overreact to everything all the time;
there's spans of silence, followed by the loudest, freshest, hardest styles.
that's what we do without you.
and if you're one of the yous who knows it's true?
we miss you.
but, not enough to chase you.....
unless you're a tennis ball,
in which case, crabtree is up for it, for sure.'s all really happening,
and he and i are fighting through it. and each other,
all morning, and all night.
what else is there?
i can see my future;
never quiet, never soft.....

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