Tuesday, January 10


you really thought sandwich week
was just gonna go out on like that?
after a full eight days of overdosing on dopeness,
you believed that was IT?
c'mon, man.
i had a lot of sandwiches, for sure-
y'know what i really like?
that's right.
i like MORE.
that's the only path i'm on these days.
and this encore jaun right here?
it's an honest, pure-being, genuine, straight-up FIRE serving of the TRUTH.
check the teleport:

a toasted, buttered, homemade semi-sourdough spelt baguette,
double-proved, and totally expert.
i really got preposterous this year, so far,
with bread on bread on bread on bread activation.
no jokes.
this hot baby was no exception-
1 cup of white whole wheat flour;
1/4 cup spelt flour;
1/2 tsp salt;
1/4 tsp brown sugar;
1 T yeast;
1/4 cup sourdough;
1/2 cup warm water;
all of that,
kneaded and twice-risen, cold proofed for a few hours,
divided, shaped, scored,
and re-proofed without reproof,
before a 20 minute bake at 425F.
when the bread is already the hottness,
you'd better bring the thunder on what's inside.
i got that arugula on the bottom,
and single-side grilled thick slabs of crunchy fennel,
with  a little olive oil.
homemade vegan sausages,
bias-sliced and very very crispy.
wheat gluten, tofu, beans, garlic, onions, olive oil, nootch, spices.....
there's a recipe around here somewhere back in 2016.
i dunno.
but i do know they're delicoso,
and i know i'm glad i got to put the on my sandwich-
and apples??!
come ON.
that's the business.
crunch, but also soft.
there's single side-seared slices with a little salt and pepper.
how good is that?
SO good.
and with grilled leeks,
sitting on top, lookin' all sorts of caramelized,
that's just right.
and for the win?
fire-roasted tomato sprankles.
no wrong notes, neighbors,
just perfectly paired flavors and textures.
a thing of beauty.
i'm glad there was another one in there.
2017 has been one and a half weeks of FOOD, so far.
bread baking like a 'garious grain-brained blitzkrieg-
sandwiching like a maniac,
and now,
it's pizza time, too.
i can't help but wonder:
am i glad there's no room left in sandwich week?
i s'pose i am.
i think i probably could've come up with another 'nother couple more.
too much is the right amount,
and i'm ready to do it all over again,
and again and again,
because making good food is when i'm having the best time,
and having a good time is a rarity when you're a warrior poet.
war and poetry, blood, and rhetoric, and food...
it's the food that's compulsory,
without it,
the rest is a muted, diluted, refuted rote routine without any highs and lows.
the big action all happens on my plate.
i'm grateful for the time i have in my kitchen,
and i'm lucky to be able to make the most of all the rest of it.
2017 is the year of better food, better bread, and better people;
never quiet, never soft.....

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