Wednesday, January 4


i wouldn't say i mind being busy.
i mean,
the alternative is to sit around, getting nothing done
at the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress,
or worse,
hanging out at the studio,
NOT making money, OR sandwiches.
...and that's not cool, neighbors.
i'd rather be busy.
and i am.
the only downside to having so much to do?
it's true.
i want MORE time.
and i want MORE sandwiches.
i want all the money.
those movie checks.
(for those of you who are new here-
movie checks are a colloquialism for large sums of currency.)
i want those mutha-'ucking movie checks,
because ore money means more sandwiches,
and there's no such thing as too much of a good thing,.
whoever said that was a weak-A* chumpleberry baby.
too much is the right amount.
and on that note,
allow me to proudly display my most recent dinnertime domination.
check the BUFF-type teleport:

that's that new hottness for your face.
i freaked off some superfat buffalo'66 sauce,
and it was so thick, and so smooth, and so spicy,
and it had double the usual fat, for exxxtra-bubbly baking in the oven, boy!
two scoops of vegan mayo;
one scoop of nutritional yeast;
a big blast of GPOP;
a whopping supershakeout of ho'sauce;
hot paprika;
and 3 T melted butterish.....
oh. my. goodness. gracious. me. oh. my.
wordimus prime, kids-
on two 1/2" slabs of center-cut cauliflower,
spread underneath, and poured on top,
baked for almost 40 minutes, at 375F-
oh, yes. for sure.
that sauce was liberally reapplied at the halfway mark.
that's some seriously sexxxy stuff.
i mean it.
with baby spinach on the bottom,
and shredded cabbage over that,
the crawnch was almost where i wanted it.
except, i need the most when i need the crawnch-
that's where that mandolin-shaved celery comes into play.
crispy, crunchy, cool, and refreshing.
cilantro sprankles, too?
man, what are you even wondering for.
i'm making MOVES over here.
it's sandwich week,
not diaperbabyish waterdrip week.
i had a quarter of a block of tofu hanging out
after the brekkie sandwiches were all accounted for.
i took it, and some olive oil, and some fresh-squeezed lime juice,
and i made a little dressing, with a pinch of salt, and a drop of agave.
that's the recipe.
drip, drop, pinch, squeeze, puree.
did it take my sandwich to eleven?
are you purposely trying to seem dumb?
of course it did!!!
strawberries and pea shoots and green leafy lettuce are all good for you.
cucumbers are, too.
and if you make miniature medallions out of sundays sandwich stuff,
you get yourself a pretty elite salad on the side of your meal.
did i use the tofu dressing on THAT too?
i did.
and it worked like a charm at making me very very satisfied.
i love when that happens.
soy-glazed fried brussels sprouts are the most sought-after brassicas
in the whole of the woodsly goodness.
a little oil, a lot of heat, and a splash of tamari,
plus a lid on the pan, gets you perfectly steamed, crisp-bottomed,
salty, smoky, sweet slices of baby cabbagey little flavorbombs.
I LOVE sandwich week!!!!
i've got the day off,
and already i'm feeling like i'm behind schedule.
i don't have anywhere to be,
but i have a whole lot i want to do.
there's a gigantic mess of sandwich ideas scrap papered and strewn about my kitchen.
i text myself little notes throughout the day, too.
there's a method to the way i do it,
but it's invisible to all but the most highly-trained eyes.
i think i have a plan, man.
crabtree and i will cruise around the 'hood for a bit,
and afterwards,
we're gonna get serious about making sandwiches.
if i can't concoct at least three bangers today,
i will have failed myself.
somewhere in there,
i'll also have to produce some treats, too.
rules is rules,
and on wednesdays we bake sweet stuff.
i made many buns already,
and i have two loaves of sourdough proofing, too.
i haven't wasted any time,
but neither have i gained any.
i wanna come out ahead, in the good light,
and in good spirits.
this is it, kids.
today is the day,
and it's been designated a food onslaught kind of time.
i'm ready,
and i hope you're ready,
and already it's well underway;
never quiet, never soft.....

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