Monday, January 30


i want it.
i need it.
i love it.
i have to have it.
pee eye zee zee ayy!
in my mouth, all the time-
more and more, and also MORE.
white pie?
savory pie?
seeded super-herb sexxxy pie?
yes, yes, and yes.
check the tastes-like-rich-folks-type teleport:

word up.
that crust really set it off.
here's how that happened:
3 cups of all purpose flour;
1 T gluten;
1 T salt;
1 pkg. commercial yeast;
2 T olive oil;
1 cup white sourdough starter;
1 T sugar;
2/3 cup warm water;
1/4 cup non-dairy milk.
nothing fancy, really.
water, milk, and yeast, combined, and allowed to activate for ten minutes.
the rest worked itself out,
and bulked once for an hour,
before going in the fridge for a whole day,
getting divided and going back to chill out,
post-portion-and-shape, for another 'nother half a day.
the yeasts seem to get along better when they have to hang out in the cold,
huddled like homies, to stay alive an' that.
i mean,
you can see those sexxxy bubbles on the crust.
that doesn't happen when friends fight, man.
for real.
so the crust was a win.
that's always a good thing to begin with.
and the rest?
i just imagined what a heartful of happiness would taste like,
and i put on the toppings that synced with that accordingly.
for realsies, though-
daiya mozzarella, by the fistful,
and thinly-sliced red onions started things off.
i had a whole mess of toasty little sesame seeds left over
from the epic blackout dump-o deluxxx-o,
so i tossed them down too.
a few toasted fennel seeds, for a zap of that surprise-style zestiness.
that was a good call. with the sesame, and the rosemary?!
rubbed rosemary.
i went for the superflavorful herb ferocity, for sure.
there's also black pepper, crushed red pepper, and fire-roasted tomato flakes.
y'wanna talk about how dope that is?
this crucial 'za-'za has spice. it has zip.
it has vim.
it's invigorating.
and also, it has seitan.
he has!!
yeah, cubed and browned bits of custom seitan,
fresh from and for the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress test kitchen.
damn, that's some tasty business.
i baked the crap outta that on my hearthstone, for about as long as i thought prudent.
15 minutes almost. at 480F.
hot, and slow, and sourdough crispity-crunchy.
when pizza works out at peak performance tolerances,
it's the best thing in the world.
i mean it.
shredded radicchio?!?!
the bitterness of those red leaves really rewarded my tastebuds.
savory savory savory.
that's what i was aiming for,
and i was spot on target, too.
and because too much is the right amount,
there's also arugula!!
if one bite-back leaf is good,
two is ideal by a damned country mile.
no joke.
it just looks better.
and i still don't want ugly food, dudes.
another pizza party for one?
that's my style.
there was only one pizza?
yeah, man.
i've been beating my body into blarpitiness through the
very liberal application of shark-gluttony.
this crazy month-long culinary crash-course in cooking more creatively
has had me eating a LOT.
i set out to make something every day,
and i cooked or baked a new something,
from scratch, every single day in january.
that's no joke.
sandwich week made the first eight or nine days a breeze,
but i've been steadily workin' on it since then.
i made more meals than i've discussed.
not everything makes the cut, man.
it's beginning to take a toll.
our daily walks have been truncated by the terrain and the weather.
(the woodsly goodness is a real A*-hole all winter long)
so the limits of exercise are finite, relative to our endless appetites.
the bottom line is- maybe one pizza is a better idea for a little minute,
until things get back to normal.
racing home every single night,
like a reclusive, elusive, and exclusive hermit of hard styles
is no way to span all your time all the time.
it might not kill me to attempt to be social.
at any rate, i'm willing to risk it in small snippets of space and time.
word up.
i make up recipes,
i tell true stories.
it's ALL really happening,
that's the whole point;
never quiet, never soft.....

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