Friday, January 13


one batch of dough makes four pies.
that's the math on that.
with two pies already tuned up days ago,
the slow ferment and proof of the second set was enriched and ripened
by the passage of time and temperature since then.
you know what that means?
it means we had some dope dough to work with.
and we worked it for all it was worth.
no joke.
check the pizza-party-type teleport:

real talk.
pizza is so dope.
case in point-
those two circles of super-sexxxiness couldn't be more different,
despite both being paragons of the pure-being pie-ay-ay perfection
that we strive for and survive on here in the remote reaches
of the white mountainous woodsly goodness.
that's real.
let's discuss this in greater detail.
vegan meatballs were provided for yesterday.
i told you all about it.
i made these littler ones especially with pizza in mind.
check it out:

cashew-garlic-tofu underchee',
crushed tomatoes,
daiya provolone slabs, with daiya mozzarella filler,
and then, the innate and instinctual complete italiano explosivo took over.
rainbow sweet bell peppers?
thin strips of caramelized sweet onion?
heck yeah!!
baby meatballs?!?
F* yeah!!!
with a few parsley sprankles to sexxxy it up, too.
garnish your food, guys.
you're worth it.
the double chee' made it so we had ourselves a stringy cheesy pull-
and combined with a sharp saucy midrange.
plus those peppers for subtle crunch,
meatballs for the utmost in heavy-duty delicious dopeness,
and the onions,
which practically guarantee maxxximum flavor in every bite.
that's a really real mutha-effing pie.
we tuned up a classic.
and that was expert.
but then,
we freaked it off,
and turned it up,
and blew out another 'nother one-
this time in the style of non-site-specific asia.
check the teleport:

underchee is good for you.
this batch is heavier on the cayenne than usual,
and that gives it precisely the spice we want for a pizza like this.
radicchio for color and bitter bite.
that's smart.
shredded snow peas for protein-packed crunch and texture.
that's pretty good, too.
broth-braised broccolini!
it's delicious. why else?
soy-glazed seared shiitake slices!
chewy and meaty and dope.
sesame seitan chunks!
hot sesame oil to start,
rice vinegar to unstick 'em,
soy sauce to brownify 'em,
and then a spoonful of sugar,
and those sesame sossamon spranks to activate 'em.
green onion scallion rings make sure we get that bite.
and when it's all baked up?
that's when it was taken to eleven.
sriracha vegenaise and shredded freshie-fresh cilantro made it WORK!!
don't you dare settle for weak-A* b!tch-baby pizza.
no way.
don't do it.
not when there's a whole world of awesome awaiting you out there.
if i'm in the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress steady reppin' this stuff
miles form everywhere,
making do with whatever i can concoct or cop from the local pantry an' that-
well then,
what's your excuse?
there isn't one, bruh.
just be dope,
or F* right off.
it's not hard,
you're just soft.
and that's not invited to our pizza party.
friday the 13th.
today is the day.
i've got tattoos to do.
not clever crafty discount jauns.
that's not my thing at all.
but, i've got work to do, and that's good news.
i've got no idea what's for dinner,
i DO have a strong desire to make something magical.
in addition,
i've got a dirty little doggo that needs a longer than average walk,
and the outdoor world is a warmish, but super slippery ice-slicked sh!t slalom
waiting to trip us up and do us harm.
it should be a good one.
i'm sayin',
all the components for a superior spellcrafted hot fire-spit and sorcerous intent
are waiting for us to give voice to it,
and add the glib 'garious polysyllabic conjuration to it-
all we've got to do is shout it out loud,
as we walk and wander these haggard hills of snow and water.
i s'pose we'll see how it goes.
today is the day,
and this is it;
never quiet, never soft.....

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