Sunday, April 9


melt that chocolate like a champ,
spread it all nasty-like on the bottom,
and you'll never be a chump.
no, but, for real, though.
black-bottomed berry bombin' is the big action.
chocolate and berries are perfect partners.
and when the piecrust is poppin',
and the chocolate is deep and dark,
and the berries have been sugared before baking?
what you get is what you've always wanted-
a big, delicious, delicate, decadent expert treat.
pastry, galette, tart, call it what you want,
as long as you try to describe it while you've got some in your mouth.
check the in-a-hurry-type teleport:

and it was easy, kids.
for realsies-
a cup of bloobs,
a handful of raspblers,
a healthy shake of powdered sugar,
all on top of a half a cup of melted dark chocolate,
dissolved with soymilk, vanilla, and powdery sugar,
pulped up and poured out over my double-buttery pastry hottness.
and i happened to have a batch of prepared pastry
cold-coolin' and kickin' it in the fridge as the result of fortunate foresight on my part.
i've covered my personally preferred pastry process countless times,
and i'll skip it right now if you don't mind.
if for some reason you do mind?
a little active participation, and a quick back-catalog scan
should reveal anything you desperately need to know about it.
just know that the braids are tight on top,
and the raw sugar sprankles were affixed to 'em
with a thiiiiiiiiiiin sheen of soymilk on the dough.
i baked it on a cast iron skillet for 22 minutes, at 420 F,
and it was F*ing awesome.
real talk.
i shipped it up quick,
and i ate it up even faster.
it was so damned good...
i couldn't help but have another. and then another 'nother,
and a 'nother 'nother other slice.
too much is the right amount, man.
i believe in that sh!t like church, only more practically, and tangibly,
and with immediate rewards in this mortal life.
that's even better.
i had my friends dennis and patti coming over before work yesterday,
and i was limping and laboring us to stand upright,
let alone walk crabtree for a minute,
in order to mitigate his enthusiasm for guests with a little energy expenditure beforehand.
imagine my anxiety.
oh, no-
not because my house is perpetually a disaster-
in fact,
patti was coming by expressly to remedy that situation.
(incidentally, she rocked it, and my house hasn't looked this tidy in an age)
i was anxious because i was't sure i could get a good shot of my baked greats
with borrowed time working against me.
luckily, everything worked out,
and crabtree kept her company, and knocked himself out in the process.
shoutouts to the best dogs being tired dogs.
i am so very grateful to the people who've chosen to include us in their lives.
i know just how lucky that makes me,
and while that only makes me even saltier at the no-shows,
who deserve some no-fives,
in other aspects of my life-
that, in turn,
serves as a counterpoint to just how fortunate i am for finding these few folks
who do choose to include me in their thoughts and actions.
it's an ouroboros of thanks, devouring the aftershocks of anger,
in a vicious and delicious cycle of jormungandr gandering,
intro, circum, and extrospection of the good and bad and ugly and dope.
it's ALL really happening,
and i'm bearing witness, and bearing burdens,
and baring teeth, in snarls and smiles in equal measure;
never quiet, never soft.....

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