Monday, April 24


if you grate a half a teaspoonful of fresh ginger 
and drop it into half a cup of sugar, 
and toss them both into a bag that sleeps in the fridge overnight?
the ginger makes all the sugar taste like ginger.
that's pretty neat.
especially if you want ginger flavor, 
but maybe not the spicy bite that goes with it,
without actually candying the stuff....
i was on some residual earth day sh!t, for sure.
reuse, recycle, repurpose....
i changed it up, kids.
three R's, for sure,
but i stood on the far side of that other other  R-
y'know the one: reduce.
that's not a thing.
too much is the right amount-
and i'm happy about that, 
at least when it comes to pastry dough.
the recipe for it you might've read one post previous?
it had more flour power than one tasty tart could handle,
what could i do, 
besides what i do?
rules is rules, dudes.
...that's right.
i HAD to activate MORE tarts.
and i did that, with every last morsel of that dough,
and a few key bits and pieces from the pantry-
check these white-people-style tartlets, via the teleport:
i'm telling you, these were just about the easiest ones to build.
a jar of apricot jammie-jam, an apple, some of those figs, and the spices...
one scoop, two slices, a pinch of sugs, a spritz of cinnamon,
and a few fig chunks.....
the next thing i knew, i was tearing into the whole batch of 'em.
then i remembered that i hadn't documented them yet.
so, from twelve, eight.
a few powdered sugary sprankles took them to completion, once they were cool.
and that looks cool, too. 
that's just it.
i like good-lookin' food.
i think maybe that's just overcompensation?
i stay ugly, by design.
i choose to stay dope as a matter of principle.
i repeat myself. it's like a mantra,
making the best of the worst, and making good things get better... 
nature wins, after all,
my very best efforts to coordinate some semblance of personal style
are thwarted and stymied by the raw materials i'm working with underneath.
it's in my infinite nature to turn my eternal dissatisfaction 
into an equally interminable pursuit of improvement.
it's those same raw materials that are not content 
to accept my superficial shortcomings as a declaration of devaluation
and inevitable failure as a matter of course.
ugly people can do beautiful things, bro.
that's real.
now, a few exxxtra tarts isn't quite enough of an example, 
but it's a pixel in a bigger picture...
one that's unfolding in fragments of days and weeks and months and years;
a secret blueprint of hidden hottness, 
revealed through hard work,
and intentional participation each and every last day, right up until the last day....
it's kind of life my life depends on it.
at least, it all depends on what kind of life i'm prepared to accept as my due.
i want the big deluxxxe,
so i take everything to eleven.
it's not just doing it i believe in-
it's OVERdoing it.
too much IS the right amount, 
i can't stop doing what i do,
i'm made out of it;
never quiet, never soft.....

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