Wednesday, April 12


i like the things that i like to the extreme.
i could eat a pizza every day.
i could eat tacos every day.
i could wake up and make sweet sweaty love every single morning.
i could fall asleep to the smell of ivy and candles every night.
i could draw skulls and flowers for the rest of my life.
i cold talk about food, at length, and in detail, forever.
.......wait just a second there, neighbors-
i already DO most of that.
i doo-doo that freaky sh!t.
i had tacos on monday,
pizza on sunday,
my room smells of scented magic and live plants,
and i steadily scribe skulls and/or flowers six days a week.....
and yeah...ok...fine
those sweet soft lovelies aren't anywhere around these parts,
but that just means i get to make the same stuff for dinner again,
and nobody is going to complain.
then again,. i think regular people F* around with leftovers....
which, on the rare occasions where i even have any orts and scraps left over,
i do NOT allow back into the meal plan.
new food is where it's at, the less used food i allow a second chance the better-
i think that's the template for all of my life, actually.
now that we all know how i will likely end up-
which is to say: fat, and alone, 
surrounded by drawings of bloom and decay,
tangled in long lengths of cascading vines,
while the oven kicks into overdrive-
we can now move on to the heart of the story.
i had two deep dish pizzas in three days.
and i had five fatter'n fat tacos on the following one.
...where do we go from there?
good guess, guys-
that's right, and that's righteous.
check the combination sensation type teleport:
taco pizza! taco pizza!! taco pizza!!! TACO PIZZA!!!! 
the sort of sexxxy sh!t that's always expert
and always welcome to grace my table with it's tastiness.
pepper-less nootch-boosted ho'sauce activated refrieds as the base!
thicker than thick, and smoother than ever!
guess who had a stash of enchilada sauce hangin' out for just this moment?
it was me! 
a swirl of that,
and a handful each of daiya cheddar AND mozzarella,
because two chee' is the taco blend of choice up in here.
shaved red onion?
oh yeah, lots and lots of that.
and chipotle seitan, with minced poblanos.
i don't want crumbles, man.
i want the whole slab.
everybody who knows how to select the hottness from off of a spice rack
has their own blend of mexican spices, 
in proportion to their preferred heat and flavor profile...
i went for smokier and sweeter, and a little subtle on the heat, it's there,
but i let the jalapeno slices and red chilis work their magic on the front end,
because i'm not afraid to zing it up for my face!
heck, i even drizzle some texas pete up on that b!tch.
i am a lover of the sharpest of fuegos, friends.
tomatoes made an appearance, because that's what's done when it's done correctly.
and black beans are good, too. 
i'll bet i'm using them again in something tonight, probl'y-
since i have a ton left over, now.
too much is the right amount. kids,
but there's only so much you can fit on a pizza.
fried garlic sprankles?
rules is rules.
post-bake scallion sprankles?
heck yes, that's a fresh bite.
cilantro sprig sprankles?!?
don't be dumb, it's a sh!tty taco pizza if it doesn't have cilantro.
that's a thing.
and that vegan sour cream drizzle???????
a little cool, smooth, creaminess is more expert than most things.
which is why i went even further with that idea.
AVO-F*ING-CADO on top, to take it to eleven!!!!!
...the lime wedges, tho, bro.
just the right tight and bright note needed to really activate 
any latent mutant x-man powers that may have been waiting on top of that
well-proved semi-semolina crust.
full omega-level jauns are in effect.
that's real.
one pizza, one man, no sharing, no problem.
that's how taco tuesday is taken to the top in my house.
is it going to be rainy today?
if i'm lucky.
i mean,
it finally warmed up around here, in full force, 
and with genuinely high temperatures,
but today is my day OFF from tattooing,
so i'd hope that my parade will be rained on. 
it's only right, right?
we wouldn't want to let any optimism creep into the daily routine.
especially not after a few sleepless werewolfen full moon nights,
and a week of exhausting limp-and-lumbering on unlimbered limbs.
nah, man- it's cool.
it may be a good reason not to make whatever is wrong any worse.
and that might even make it better.
and that might even open a side door, 
so a little optimism can sneak in without a ticket.
it's a sequence of events.
step by step, even with a drag and a shuffle,
we're going forward.
i'll let the rain seep in,
and i'll step out and start singin', too.
it's all really happening,
and there's no stopping it;
never quiet, never soft.....

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