Wednesday, April 19


aloha, dudes!
crabtree got luxuriously lavished with attention all afternoon
from our good friend patti.
and that lucky little four-legged fireball loved every last second of it.
in fact,
it was SO good for him,
that it was in turn SO good for me.
he was just about the best behaved little buddy all evening as a result.
he needs an outlet for all of his impressive, expressive, explosive energy,
and since he isn't much of a cook, i can't really have him help me in the kitchen.
he is a snuggler, and a curious investigator, and a total clown-
so having somebody to hang out with during the day lets him burn off all that energy,
so that he's the sleepiest little stoopidhead all night.
.....and that is awesome news for both of us.
i appreciated it, 
he appreciated it, 
and hopefully she had fun with his sharky allgator-bullet-head, too.
it was awesome to have a languid little torporous torpedo keeping watch over me
while i wild'd out on some TACO TUESDAY sh!t. 
normally, the prep is punctuated by his prancing dancing distractions,
but he hung tight, 
and laid back to enjoy the spectacle of my majestic mess-making mealtime methods.
heck yes.
even though he was super good,
he still had dumb dog food.
and even though i'm noticing some expansion around the edges of my silhouette,
i still had two types of tremendous tacos, in triplicate, like a mutha-F*ing monster.
too much is the right amount, man.
get on my level. 
and while you're at it, check the teleport:
real talk.
don't come at me with crunchy tacos.
don't play around with just add water seasoning mix.
get rad with it.
add the fire and explosions to it.
create something custom, unique, individual, and expert.
c'mon, neighbors.
we all deserve especially sexxxy tacos.
i mean, really,
who decided that box mix doo-do butter should be the sad standard?
and why would you listen to them?
let's do the thing like we mean it, ok?
toasted soft flour flaps of foldable fire for my face.
that's how it starts.
from there, anything could happen.
in this case?
i got it poppin' off  with three servings of three sisters tacos, bros!!
blackened butternut squash, with cayenne, black pepper, and smoked paprika,
in olive oil, with poblano peppers, and caramelized onions.
that's one sister.
the other two?
chipotle dusted, pepper-crusted sweet corn and black beans.
served up on baby green leaf lettuce, with juicy little tomatoes,
with big sprigs of cilantro,
and a drizzle of cashew sour crema,
finished with a sprouty splash of microgreenery!
drool level: eleven.
after that, 
i had a few MORE plans for bigger and better activation on my plate,
and i made sure that what followed was just as juicy.
which is why i also terrorized a saucy splat of tempeh chili tacos, too! 
half a block of tempeh, with a quarter of a sweet onion, sauteed in oil,
with 1/4 cup of diced tomato, 2 T minced jalapeno, 2 T minced poblano,
cumin, oregano, thyme, paprika, cayenne, coriander, GPOP, and nootch-
all of that, sweated and wet, and sizzling, smelled super elite.
but, when i added in 3 T crushed tomatoes,
and 1/2 cup broth?
it soaked it all up, 
and quickly thickened, 
and got all sorts of super-sloppy-jose on me.
with pea shoots, and radishes, and purple cabbage, and crispy little cucumber slices,
the crunch game offset the smoosh game in harmonious balance.
a few red onion sprankles, a couple pickled jalapeno rings, 
and a drizz' of that crema had me hollerin' out loud to crabby.
he didn't really care, but i kept right on yelling.
the tacos are too good, and you've gotta add a big yell to the finale,
lest you cheat yourself out of the full experience/.
and the fullest of fullness is what i was aiming for.
was i scoopling rice and guac into my tacos, too?
of course i was.
rules is rules, and if there's MORE treats, y'gotta use 'em up.
if you're a frequent reader on here,
you already know how expert the rainbow fiesta guacamole is.
however, if this is your first time?
please allow me elaborate:
3 avocados;
3 T each sweet red, orange, and yellow baby bell peppers, minced;
1/2 jalapeno, minced;
2 T poblano- you guessed it- minced;
a dash of minced red chili, or 1/4 tsp cayenne;
a generous grabhand of chopped cilantro;
1 T finely chopped scallion;
2 cloves crushed raw garlic;
1/4 cup diced red onion;
salt and fresh-cracked coarse black pepper; 
Garlic Powder, Onion Powder;
lime AND lemon juice-
^^ mash up and combine all of that, 
squeeze a little more  lemon and lime on top,
drop the pits back in for preservation pruposes, cover it, 
and let it hang out for half a day to maxxximize the marrying 
of all that mystical masterful flavor!!!
...and there's also a little forbidden black rice, with yellow hot pepper, 
scallions, cilantro, and lime juice-
rice is good.
black rice is very good.
and MORE food is definitely my favorite food.
anybody could have a lame taco experience.
that's easy.
the thing is, it's just as easy to have a righteous one.
i'm choosing that path on the daily.
righteous, radical real foods, for my face,
without box mix or brutality on my plates?
that's what's up.
today is the day.
my day off.
don't worry- it isn't very warm.
it is likely to be rainy.
and i haven't got any idea about what i feel like making.
the dog still needs a walk, so we'll start there,.
and see where those roads take us.
after that?
it's never too early to start planning a monumental dinner.
that's real.
i'll be plotting while we're plodding,
and he'll be playing and pooping.
that's a pretty good deal.
if you happen to see us on the road?
maybe you should stop and say hello.
we just might like that;
never quiet, never soft.....

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