Monday, April 3


pizza two nights in a row?!?!?
F* yeah!
i LOVE pizza.
you know that.
i don't get bummed out about eating pizza, ever.
it's too good.
i think of it as medicine,
in the 'let thy food be....' sense.
lately, friends,
my cooking has been a welcome distraction.
life is always in flux, if you're doing it right.
the regimented routine of my life is necessary,
but just to keep some sort of grounded landmarks along the path of
my organic creased and crumpled secret universal blueprints.
the hills and valleys, peaks and pits, high, lows, and swerving curves
of a non-linear progressive journey through days and nights
and weeks, as they wax and wane through months and years,
need some familiar points of reference.
i do the things is always do- 
tha's the way to stay focused while everything else fluctuates
through good fortune and hard styles.
there are always changes happening, even in the midst of the sourest, dourest ennui.
that's a fact.
and cooking, 
especially in the midst of the drudgery of slow-going through fast times,
has been of huge help in punctuating each rotation through time and space.
what i'm sayin', simply, is ,
without the little things, 
which also happen to be the brightest spots,
and the purest joys,
i doubt anybody, especially me, could cope with time passing more and more rapidly,
while everything in the future somehow still takes forever to materialize.
except for supper.
that happens right when it's supposed to.
and pizza,
with all it's preheating,
is a good example of patience bringing rewards-
even with the dough cold-proofing, and ready at a moment's notice;
even as the onions caramelize while the baking stone 
soaks up british thermal units inside the hot box;
even though the multitasking is essential, and efficient,
it still requires patience, while all of it marches toward the final, 
ooey, gooey, crisp-crusted crescendo.
i think about that a lot.
because i've had plans underway for ages that still haven't preheated enough yet.
if they turn out as awesome as pizza, i'll be more than pleased.
in the meantime,
there is pizza, and pizza is good for you.
check the teleport:
how do you ring in a new month?
i hope it's with a direct-fired, cornmeal-peel-prepared circle of LIFE.
broskis, my favorite pizza topping combo is this one
brussels, baconish, and caramelized onions!
with crushed tomatoes, 
and daiya mozzarella
and black pepper,
and a whole lotta love.
oh, and grape tomatoes. 
and fried garlic sprankles,
rules is rules.
then there's parsley and radicchio up on there, as well.
a little fresh, a little bitter, and a whole lot of expert.
it's a F*ing symbolic slice of saucy superiority.
that's some sort of semolina shamanism, if ever there was any.
and neighbors,
the next night?
as in, last night?
even though i ate enough for two days at breakfast,
i still got it poppin' with MORE PIZZA:
hand-tossed thin crust wizardry is how it has to be.
steamed and seared broccoli?
rainbow sweeeeeeet peppers?
heck yes!!
caramaleized onions?
you know it.
fried garlic sprankles.
what about sunflower seeds?!
and they are dope on pizza.
two nights of awesomeness.
the same thing, but not the same, but still both spot on.
can we apply that to what's happening in the real world around me?
it's not all the same, but it is.
the trick is to make the new as good, or better than the old.
never worse, never backwards, and never ever any less.
too much is the right amount.
that's a thing.
the new hottness,
a little tried and true terrificness,
a whole fresh batch of pizza,
and a determined stance on improving and enjoying today, tonight,
tomorrow, and every damned minute in before and after.
that's tough,
but that's What Is;
never quiet, never soft.....

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