Saturday, April 8


you know the ones.
i had a bunch, and i used them all,
just to make a little somethin' special.
that's sorta what i do, y'know?
a graham crackery crust,
a fruity smoothie center,
some blops on top,
and frosting to turn that sh!t way up.....
tried, true, tested, and proven.
i s'pose it may be a bit formulaic, my friends,
i'll bet you still want to munch up a slice anyway...
wordimus prime.
tell me if i'm right after you check the teleport:

it's a sequence of stacked and sexxxified flavors.
and it all works wonderfully to fill out and freshen up
the full spectrum of red raspy berry taste and texture.
really, though-
the crust is buttery and brown sugary, too.
the filling is fairly smooth, and pretty sweet.
the topping is tart and bloppity,
and those dual cannon color coordinated frosting swirls are all the way righteous.
i love it when a plan comes together...
you want in on it?
you want all of one all to yourself?
here's the blueprint.
build your own, bro-
1.5 pkg graham crax, crushed;
3 T dark brown sugar;
3 T melted vegan butt;.
1 tsp vanilla;
non-dairy milk, added 1 tsp at a time,
until the crackery crumbles stick together when squeezed,
form 'em around your piepan, tart pan, frying pan, or whatever,
and bake that big bay for 10 minutes at 350F.
don't neglect the filling, friends-
12 oz. frozen razzlers;
1/3 cup powdered sugar;
2 T lemon juice;
3 T arrowroot;
1 tub vegan creamchee';
1 tsp vanilla;
1/2 tsp lemon extract;
^melt all of that together in a pot on lowish heat.
it'll get pink and mooshy, and smell great,
and the berries will sort of dissolve and combine and turn awesome.
-let it cool a baby bit,
and add it into the cooled crust-
and rebake it for another 20 minutes!
that's how it works.
and when that's chilled out to room temp,
you can top it off with those bright burgundy blops on top.
here's what's in there:
one large handful of  frozen raspberries;
lemon zest;
3 T powdered sugar;
give that a few minutes on low heat to defrost,
and drain off and save the juice,
add in 2 T cornstarch.
turn it up to medium heat for a little bit, while stirring,
should easily and clearly form a thick compote for your face!
word up.
the frosting?
i made two separate batches, naturally.
1/2 stick vegan butterish;
1 1/2 cups powdered sugar;
1 tsp vanilla;
and a few splashes of soymilk, until it looked 'right' and bright white.
then most of that, again,
plus lemon juice and that reserved raspberry juice,
instead of the plant milk,
and the pink prettiness was produced.
i have a lot left of both, so don't get it twisted, kids.
i'll be using them both in upcoming treats for sure.
*'s the thing-
for some time now,
i've felt a need to be creative, specifically in my kitchen.
like, i remain perpetually compelled to make something i can actually use,
even if the end result is mainly an expanded waistline.
no foolin'.
i get up,
and if i'm not sure what to make?
i get a little stressed from the jump.
there's no edict that demands i make a treat, or else.
in fact,
nothing bad will probably ever happen if i don't.
i feel it.
the push and the pull and the pressure to produce something.
i'm over here wondering what to put into some galettes today.
and that's a serious issue interrupting my morning's doings.
maybe i'm bust baking because the results are immediate.
maybe i like the idea of only investing time into things that are meant to be destroyed.
i mean,
i make a treat, i eat a treat, it's a closed circuit.
i like the way that works.
all the rest of it requires an interface that doesn't ever actually seem to mesh.
there is only my effort, my method, my technique, and my results.
without choosing to, nor really even having the option to, rely on anybody else,
i essentially know what's going to happen,
and while that doesn't necessarily rock my socks off,
it certainly has me feeling more confident about my baking skills,
as they've taken the place of breakfast in bed
and leisurely mornings with anybody else.
no lounging, just launching into action, sort of.
there's other things i could be doing-
like cleaning up.
MAKING a mess is more my area of expertise.
no joke.
i make the treats, but the treats leave a legacy of more than just my blarpity body.
the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress is blarping out, too.
there's nobody to blame but me,
and i accept it in full;
never quiet, never soft.....

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