Saturday, April 1


i pity the fools today.
every day, really, in true mr. T fashion, minus the mohawk and gold.
but, today is the day for practical jokery ,
which i like way less than actual jokes.
yesterday, however,
was the last day of march.
and it was not dope.
not at all.
dinner, however,
was truly the savior of an otherwise disappointing day.
i'm serious.
half my clients cancelled,
due to the suckiness of our new england weather.
...shoutouts to snowstorms...
and the day was not as profitable or enjoyable as was promised.
what's more,
i had no idea what to do for dinner until i'd been home for a bit.
then, it hit me.
march came in like a jerk, and went out like an A*-hole,
but that just sparked a little thought in my big ol' brain.
you know it, and you like it:
marzo italiano arrivederci!!!!
heading in and stepping out on some similar sh!t.
i had all the right ingredients.
i had all the right techniques.
all i needed was to DO it.
i think that's been a recurring theme in every aspect of my life.
where to begin?
at dinner, where the need was pressing presently.
check out the soup-and-such-type teleport:

oh MAN!
these were the best ones yet.
that's a thing.
50/50 semolina/white flour dough,
with salt and olive oil and water,
kneaded, rested, rolled and cut......
that's homeamde hottness at it's finest.
but, the filling, kids.
THAT'S some good-good from beyond tomorrow.
real talk.
here's the 411:
1/2 small yellow onion, minced,
sauteed in olive oil,
with 1 cup minced butternut squash.
3  sunflower seeds;
a blast of GPOP;
a similarly sized blast of nutritional yeast;
1 T fire-roasted tomato flakes;
molto molto craxxx of black pepper;
a dash of crushed rosemary;
a dusting of thyme;
a shake of nutmeg;
plenty of salt (to taste);
and 3 T water to steam up and sizzle out all that stuff
after the sauteing sweats the onions.
then, add in 3 T finely chopped daiya mozzarella.
this stuff tasted so good, i kept nibbling at it while i worked.
luckily, it'll be enough for over 30 torties, buddy.
but, i only made, and ate 26.
because i ate all the rest of the filling, man!
jeez, take it easy.
i'm no quitter, i'ma hard-hittin' tortellini terrorizer,
and i don't stop until the job is done
oh, yeah-
and then, there's the soup.
a good broth is key to enjoying tortellini to their fullest.
check it:
1/4 onion, in thin strips;
with 1 clove crushed garlic,
and 2 cloves sliced garlic,
caramelized in olive oil;
1 1/2 cups vegetable broth;
GPOP &  black pepper,
1 T fire-roasted tomato flakes;
1/4 cup tiny cubed butternut squash.
^^^ how simple is that???
now, you gotta fold and rest your 'llinis.
then, you're gonna need to boil 'em until they float,
in salty water, for as long as that takes...
in the meantime,
mince up some parsley,
shred some fennel, and sea the sh!t out of it.
reserve some of it's fronds for garnish, too-
toast a few more sunflower seeds,
and blacken some sweet baby grape tomatoes.
all those extras?
that's the right way to activate a meal.
too much IS the right amount.
and sprankles make everything better.
this is it.
april is for fools,
and for showers.
i like the hot kind, not the snow kind.
i resent all the suffering that seeps into and soaks through my skin and bones.
therefore, i will never suffer fools, even april ones, gladly.
no more of that, thank you very much.
instead, i want that good ol' really real worthy warrior big action:
the competent, confident, committed, capable, culpable, communicative,
creative, compassionate, considerate cooperation that cultivates coincidences
and capital ideas of the first order.
word up.
is that what's happening?
i hope so.
is that what i'm working towards
heck yes.
success is subjectively measured,
but only when the objectives aren't well defined.
i've said it, i mean it, it's documented and decreed-
that warrior poetry is what i'm on about,
and everything else is a fool's errand;
never quiet, never soft.....

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