Sunday, April 30


this is it.
today is the day.
the last one.
...of april, i mean.
another 'nother month of all the exact same everything
is signing over and out, off of the calendar and into history.
april is always a weird one up here in the woodsly goodness.
it's still basically winter for the first two weeks,
and then it's rain and mud, and mud and rain...
which lasts right up until all the biting bugs show up.
cool, right?
the one good thing about all these hungry insects swarming and buzzing,
and generally being a nuisance to almost everybody?
they feed all the hungry bats and frogs,
who also all happen to be out in full force.
acro-bat-ics are being performed all around the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress,
and the chirping croaks of all the little horny toads, or frogs, or both,
keep a steady soundtrack of sonnets bleating into the night air.
it's actually pretty awesome, all this nature.
there's bear sh!t in the woods. (that IS where they do that)
and fox and skunk and coyote crap, too.
it's a fauna wonderland up in these mountains,
and there are even fawns fawning over the shoots and sprouts in the garden.
that's not as cool,
but it's still really happening.
i'm over here trying to stay woke,
while the forest realm wakes the eff up.
it's F*ing nature, neighbors.
nature wins.
we're just spanning time under the firmament,
while the flowers and the trees and the birds and the bees all do their thing.
see you next year, april.
until then, i'll be making the most out of what comes next.
one thing is for sure, though, kids-
i make a pretty elite salad.
wet leaves.
for dinner.
i do that.
last night, i forgot to take a picture-
that's true.
i was ravenous and absent-minded and overly eager to munch up
on a big ol' basket of nutrients an' that.
i have been effing with these salads pretty regularly,
so i've still got the glamour shots for your face-
check the teleport:




i sure do like a gigantic heap of raw food, sometimes.
or, often, even.
a couple of times a week.
it turns out, there's something to the notion that vegans love salad.
i never really messed around with it like this before,
but, then again,
i didn't eat three peoples' worth of dinner every other night before, either.
that's no foolin', friends.
i think i activated a 30% wet leaf dinner reality this month.
a second salad post,
letting you know that yeah, it turns out salad is still really good.
and filling, if you use a big enough bowl.
fun fact about these jauns- the dressing game is gentle, at best.
white balsamic vinegar.
less that one tablespoon of oil, and that only to sizzle those seeds,
and keep 'em separate when the lightest of kisses of agave brushes up on 'em.
i just let the avocado do it's thing. always does, regardless.
i think you know how to make a salad, don'tcha?
i hope so.
and if not?
dude, y'gotta get off of the whole planet.
there's no room for you here, bro.
for dinner.
even when i have pizza dough in the fridge,
and seitan,
and homemade sausages,
all begging me to put the fire an explosions to it.
it's still salad, tho.
i have to do it.
precisely because i love food SO much.
getting old and busted was an inevitable progression-
time travel notwithstanding,
i don't necessarily want to look the the most trustworthy chef, y'feel me?
tonight and tomorrow there will be lots of cooking.
actually, most of the week,
looks like the second, third, and sixth are going to be going pretty heavy on the lettuce.
but, for realsies.
the thing is-
april was fooling around the whole time.
i'm ready for some may, and a whole lot less may not;
never quiet, never soft.....

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