Tuesday, April 11


long days and hard styles and tough times.
rough and tumble throwdowns on the lowdown.
rundown rabble-rousing roughhousers.
that's what i know best.
that's what i deal with daily,.
when i'm away from the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress,
mixing with the animals out in the wilds and wolds of the woodsly goodness,
it's a big ol' batch of bad news, and worse people, and terrible conversations,
and low budgets and lower literacy levels and even lower standards and morals
just about everywhere i turn.
why do i stay?
because i'm a glutton for punishment 
in addition to being a glutton for everything else,
and besides, i'm pathologically averse to giving up.
for some weird reason,
forty one straight years of interacting with quitters 
has made me overreact in the opposite direction at full force,
with wildly fanatical determination,
at the expense of tolerance and patience and rational responses.
i'm like that.
so, i'm here,
and i'm doing the things i'd do anywhere else anyway,
with fewer people around to appreciate and participate in any of it.
and the thing is-
it's ALL really happening.
the intensive active conscious conscientious making and taking 
of a hard-fought and hard won Folk Life.
it's just happening out of frame from the 'necktard F*ery 
of this forest realm's more plentiful doings and goings on.
just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not dope.
that's real.
or so i tell myself,
while i labor away in the last lonely lovely house i'll likely call home,
doing all these things i do,
largely out of sight, and mind, of the general populace.
when i do have company,
you'd better believe i treat them like any viking thane would.
gratitude and generosity are what's called for,
and they're what i dispense in equal measures.
real talk.
why mention any of this? 
because beau came by for supper,
and we made it a mexican monday to remember.
tacos were created, and tacos were destroyed,
and after all the tattooing and semi-crippled crawling and grocery getting
out amongst the general populace,
the small-scale largess of an expert meal was bright and tight and all right, alright.
the place i live is idyllic except for the people,
and inversely, 
i'm not a good-lookin' fella, but i'm lovely on the inside.
is that conceited?
i don't think it is.
i'm just sayin'-
stay ugly stay dope isn't something i take lightly.
neither are tacos.
really guys, it's all about the food.
it always is.
check the teleport:
damn daaamn daaaaamn DAAAAAAAAMN!!!!
that's what's up.
all in all, 
we had ten tacos between us.
five tacos, stacked like open-faced burritos, 
like we had something to prove to the gods of overindulgence, almost.
and a big bowl of cilantro lime jasmine rice!
a whole pot of buttery, onion-and-pepper-laced, nootch-boosted 
ho'sauce-activated refried pintos!
and three avocados' worth of rainbow fiesta guacamole.
i have to be honest, neighbors-
the guac rocks my socks.
i'm serious.
red onion, red orange, and yellow super-sweet bell pepper, 
minced poblano, jalapeno, and red chili,
scallion, cilantro, avocado, GPOP, salt, pepper, garlic, lemon and lime juice?!?
that's IT.
it's a taste exxxplosion that sends aftershocks to every extremity.
and those tacos, guys.,
those tacos are what's right about veganism.
none of that spice-packet poop,
no crawnchy crap crisp cracking shrapnel, 
only soft flour freshness, toasted up. 
and real herbs and spices and seasonings and sh!t.
real recognize real,
that's no joke.
i made some chipotle-spiced fried-garlic-sprankled super sweet corn.
that was dope.
chipotle and ancho pepper, smoked paprika, cumin, and agave, 
with salt, black pepper, and a little onion to make it all better.
sugary and crunchy and yellow and great.
i want that.
i made that.
i had that.
i ate that.
seitan asada? yup. 
homeamde hottness is always the key,
but the bell and poblano strips, and the sweet onion, lime cilantro,
oregano, cumin, thyme, smoky paprika, liquid smoke, 
and exxxtra broth all did their part
to turn an already awesome and powerful protein source 
into a pure-being batch of the biggest of big actions.
seitan is my favorite.
seitan is beau's favorite.
we made a lot. 
there wasn't any left over. 
too much is the right amount,
and sometimes, almost not enough.
tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, baby green leaf lettuce, all of that is there.
shredded carrots, purple cabbage, cilantro, and green onion played their part, as well,
tomatoey ranchero sauce?
i had some, and that stopped by to play on some of 'em.
...and golden mango?
yellow as heck.
and so dope.
little accents like that make such a huge impression on my mouth.
i mean it.
those happy little zips and pops of unexpected flavor 
are what take the experience way up to eleven.
ANYbody can add water and dead deconstructed beef bits 
to the poor person hobby kit,
but that's like saying you LIKE being a F*ing A*hole.
don't do that.
it's bad news.
treat yourself better than that.
it's possible something good will happen if you do.
you'll get a way more awesome meal, at the very least.
live where it's lovely,
and get down and dirty all by your lonely.
that's good advice,
you could stay beautiful on the skin, 
but you may be getting uglier from within.
if you really are what you eat?
then as far as beau and i are concerned,
we must be a couple of super-sexxxy sunzab!tches,
no matter what your eyes may be telling you to the contrary;
never quiet, never soft.....

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